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Overview: What are we talking about?

Similar to checking in before a flight, Gingr PreCheck allows pet parents to complete a detailed check-in form before arrival, reducing errors and saving time at the front desk with a streamlined check-in experience.

This article will describe how to configure a Gingr PreCheck form to ensure that you are asking all of the information you need of the pet parent for their upcoming reservation. You will select which existing fields from your Owner Form, Animal Form, & Reservation Form to include. 

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • In Gingr, there are several types of forms to capture pieces of information. The Gingr PreCheck form can be customized to include information from the Owner Form, Animal Form, and Reservation Forms. 

  • Forms are highly customizable and allow you to add many types of fields and requirements to ensure you are capturing as much information as is important to your business.

  • Before we get started, take time to think about the different questions you want to capture about your customers for the pet parent profile. Also think: what questions are required? Are they required for staff to fill out, customers to fill out on the customer portal, or both? 

  • Note: Any information input on the Gingr PreCheck Form will update the Owner or Animal profiles as well as the Reservation Details. 
  • Gingr PreCheck is only available with Customer Portal 2.0.

  • All admin users have access to the admin page controlling these settings. Additionally, admin users are able to delegate this particular admin page to other user groups. Non-admin users with access to this page will be able to make edits that affect all locations in the app. For more information see our article on User Groups and Permissions

Video Tutorial: 

Set It Up: Let's get started.

Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Customer Portal » Gingr PreCheck.

Click the blue + Create PreCheck Form button.



Configure your Gingr PreCheck form settings:

  • Label: Give your Gingr PreCheck form a unique name to make it easily identifiable. Consider what Reservation Types will be attached to this form.

  • Status: Activate or Deactivate this Gingr PreCheck form.

  • Select Location(s): If you have multiple locations within your app, designate which locations can use this Gingr PreCheck Form.

  • Select Reservation Type(s): If there are multiple different reservation types this Gingr PreCheck form applies to, add those here.

  • Select Upsell Additional Services: Optionally choose any last-minute upsell services to offer to clients to add to their reservation during the Gingr PreCheck process. *Note that this will not send the reservation back into the requested status for staff approval.

  • Require Staff to Confirm PreCheck Details: When enabled, staff will need to enter their initials to complete the check-in of a reservation where this Gingr PreCheck form applies.

  • Show Reservation Type Check-In Questions to Customers: When enabled, customers will be asked to fill out any check-in questions configured for reservation types allowed in the Gingr PreCheck form. Check-In Questions are configured under Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Types & Services Configuration.

  • Allow Customer to Add Belongings: When enabled, customers will be asked to describe and take photos of any belongings they are planning to bring for their pets's stay. This uses Gingr's integrated belongings feature. Belonging options can be edited from Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Belongings. For more information see our article on Reservation Belongings. 

  • Show PreCheck form at Check-in: When enabled, employees will be shown the Gingr PreCheck form upon checking in the pet.

  • Require Customer Signature: When enabled, will require a digital signature from the pet parent at the time of check-in.

  • Email/SMS PreCheck Reminder Minutes before start: Enter the number of minutes before the scheduled start time of the reservation that the customer should be notified to complete the Gingr PreCheck form. Can be no less than 1440 minutes (24 hours). *Gingr PreCheck communications for email/SMS can be managed at Left-hand Navigation: Admin » System Email or Admin » System SMS.

  • Check-in Instructions: This text will appear on the submission screen after the customer has completed the Gingr PreCheck form.

  • Banner Photo: Optionally add a banner photo to display to pet parents during the Gingr PreCheck process. Accepted image formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG and recommended image ratios are 16:9, 4:3, or 3:1.
  • Select Fields to Add to PreCheck: This section is where you choose what existing fields from your Owner Form, Animal Form, & Reservation Form to include in your Gingr PreCheck Form. Use the toggles to turn on the desired fields from each of these forms. 

    Please note: any information input by the pet parent on the Gingr PreCheck form will update the fields on the Owner & Animal Forms.


For more information on customizing forms, click here.


How to: Duplicate an Existing Gingr PreCheck Form

To duplicate an existing PreCheck Form, select the Share arrow under the Actions menu, and select the “Duplicate this form” option from the dropdown list.

Screenshot_2023-03-15_at_6.04.56_PM.pngYou will be prompted to provide a Label, Location(s), and Reservation Type(s). To complete this, select the blue Create button, and the new form will load with all of the configurations of the selected form copied over.



How to: Customize Gingr PreCheck Email and/or SMS Communications

Businesses have the ability to customize the email and/or SMS communications templates that pet parents receive for related Gingr PreCheck forms. 

For email, this can be managed under Left-hand Navigation: Admin » System Email. For more information reference our help article on System Email.

For SMS, this can be managed under Left-hand Navigation: Admin » System SMS. For more information reference our help article on System SMS.

  • Start Gingr PreCheck: Initial notification to pet parent that there is a Gingr PreCheck form available to fill out.
  • PreCheck Form Reminder: Reminder to pet parents when a Gingr PreCheck form has been sent but has not been completed yet.
  • PreCheck Form Edited: Confirmation sent to pet parent when they have modified information on a previously submitted Gingr PreCheck form.

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