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Overview: What are we talking about?

Similar to checking in before a flight, Gingr PreCheck allows pet parents to complete a detailed check-in form before arrival, reducing errors and saving time at the front desk with a streamlined check-in experience.

Gingr PreCheck is designed for facilities to save time during the check-in process. For example, owners could fill out their animal's belongings, additional services, and contact information beforehand, instead of facility staff having to go through this during check-in. With the ability for clients to add additional services while filling out the Gingr PreCheck form, this allows businesses to easily upsell more services to clients with minimal effort. 


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Gingr PreCheck is only available with Customer Portal 2.0. 
  • Users must have Admin permissions in order to create or edit Gingr PreCheck forms.

Video Tutorial: 


How to: Set Up the Gingr PreCheck Form

The Gingr PreCheck form is created by pulling fields from other forms in Gingr. You can start creating a Gingr PreCheck form by going to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Customer Portal » Gingr PreCheck.

On this page, click "Create PreCheck Form." Each form can be fully customized based on the specific business needs.

Here you'll configure which specific fields should appear on the form, when pet parents should be prompted to complete the form, which reservation type(s) it applies to, and more. You can set up different Gingr PreCheck forms based on reservation type in case you require customers to fill out different information or offer different services for various reservation types.

Please see Setting Up the Gingr PreCheck Form for more detailed information on how to set up Gingr PreCheck forms. 



How to: Customize Gingr PreCheck Email and/or SMS Communications

Businesses have the ability to customize the email and/or SMS communications templates that pet parents receive for related Gingr PreCheck forms. 

For email, this can be managed under Left-hand Navigation: Admin » System Email. For more information reference our help article on System Email.

For SMS, this can be managed under Left-hand Navigation: Admin » System SMS. For more information reference our help article on System SMS.

  • Start Gingr PreCheck: Initial notification to pet parent that there is a Gingr PreCheck form available to fill out.
  • PreCheck Form Reminder: Reminder to pet parents when a Gingr PreCheck form has been sent but has not been completed yet.
  • PreCheck Form Edited: Confirmation sent to pet parent when they have modified information on a previously submitted Gingr PreCheck form.


How to: Complete a Gingr PreCheck Form as a Pet Parent

When a pet parent has a reservation with a Gingr PreCheck form configured to send, they will receive an email and/or SMS message that notifies them that they have a Gingr PreCheck form to fill out. This will contain a link that will direct the pet parent to Customer Portal 2.0 so that they can fill out and submit the Gingr PreCheck form.

For ease of use, basic client and pet details are pre-populated for pet parents to confirm and update if needed. Clients will fill out all of the fields as configured by the business and then submit.

Once the form is filled out, the pet parent will be able to access the form via the Customer Portal's notification center in case any edits need to be made prior to arrival. They can also click the "I'M HERE" button when they arrive at the facility for check-in. Once their pet is checked in, the pet parent will no longer have access to edit the form.

If there is more than one pet on a reservation, each pet will have a separate Gingr PreCheck form.


Please see Using the Customer Portal (Customer Portal 2.0) for more detailed information on this process. 


How to:  Check In a Pet with a Gingr PreCheck Form 

When a pet parent arrives at the facility on the day of check-in and selects the "I'M HERE" button on the Gingr PreCheck form, the business will be notified in the expected tab on the Dashboard. The pet parent's reservation will be highlighted in yellow and moved to the top of the list of pets in the expected tab.


You can then click the check mark icon to the left of the highlighted reservation. This will bring you to a pop up screen where you can review the client's Gingr PreCheck form and make any final changes as needed. Once all details are confirmed, click the complete check-in button to finish the check-in process. 


Please see Checking Pets In for more detailed information on completing a check-in using a Gingr PreCheck form. 

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