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Overview: What are we talking about?

The Promotions by Date Range Report is a great way to way to see how many promotions were used in a specified date range and view a breakdown between the various promotions including the user who applied it, the attached invoice, and the discounted amount. 


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.
  • The list of available promotions will only show promotions that have been applied to a completed invoice at least once. 

  • Not selecting a promotion will result in all applied promotions populating in the report. 

  • Not selecting a user will result in all users populating in the report. 

  • Multiple locations can be selected and reported together. 

  • Promotions applied to the entire cart will show for each line item they were applied to. 

  • After generating the report, you will have the Add to Campaign option to add the customers tied to the invoices to a marketing campaign
How to: Use the Promotions by Date Range report.

To run the report, go to Left-Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Promotions By Date Range. 

  1. Select the date range that you'd like to view

  2. Choose the promotion(s) that you would like to analyze from the list of promotions available

  3. Choose specific user(s) to filter the report by which users applied the selected promotion(s) to invoices during the selected date range

  4. Select which location(s) to analyze when generating the report

  5. Click the "Export to Excel?" checkbox to export the report results to an Excel file when clicking "Generate Report"

  6. Click the "Generate Report" button.

How to: Read the Promotions by Date Range report.

The report is comprised of two charts that allow you to view promotion usage in different ways.

Promotion Totals

The first section of this report once the results are generated show the total amount discounted per promotion type during the selected date range.

Invoice Details

This section breaks down each invoice by the promotion type that was applied during the selected date range. An invoice will display on this report for each line item a promotion was applied to on the invoice. This section can be organized by the column headers. 



Category Description
Invoice This is the invoice ID the promotion is associated with. Clicking on this will redirect the page to the full invoice in the same tab.
Date This is the invoice check out date.
Owner The name of the owner the invoice is tied to. Clicking on the name will redirect the page to the owner's profile. 
Promotion The name of the promotion applied.
Item Description The name of the line item the promotion was applied to.
Discount Amount The total amount discounted from the line item as a result of the promotion.
Sale Price

This is the total of the line item after the promotion has been applied.

User This is the staff user that applied the promotion to the line item at the time of checkout.


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