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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will go over the report that will generate all pets in the app that have been deactivated for one reason or another. From this report you can view pets that were deactivated during a specific date range, as well as for specific deactivation reasons.

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Only those in the Admin user group are able to set up and manage Deactivation Reasons. 
  • All animals that were already deactivated prior to the release of this feature on January 26, 2021 will have no deactivation reason assigned and will also not have a deactivation timestamp recorded in the system. These pets will not populate on this report. 

How to: Access the Deactivation Reasons Report.

This section will guide you through how to use the Deactivation Reasons Report to generate a list of animals that were deactivated within a specific time period.

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Deactivation Reasons.

  2. Click directly onto the box below the Deactivation Reasons parameter to select one or more of your Deactivation Reasons. You have the option to click on the "Select All" button on the right to choose all of your deactivation reasons.Screen_Shot_2021-04-07_at_11.08.30_AM.png

  3. Set the date parameters of your report by selecting the Deactivated From and Deactivated To date range.
  4. Select Generate Report.

  5. The deactivation reason can be changed under the Deactivation Reason column.

Pro-tip: To see a list of animals that are currently deactivated in your system with no reason assigned, select "No Reason" for the Deactivation Reasons parameter and check the tick box for Include animals with no deactivation date? setting before generating the report. New deactivation reasons can be selected for animals directly from this report by choosing from the drop-down menu for each animal.Screen_Shot_2021-04-07_at_11.09.15_AM.png

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