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The Daily Checklist History Report will generate a list of the daily checklists in your app for the selected date range. This report will include the item, the user who completed the item, the checklist type (groomers, kennel attendants, front desk, etc), and the date and time that the item was marked as completed.

This report includes:

Key Features

In addition to standard reporting features, with this report you can:

  • Sort by checklist item, location, type, the date and time that the item was marked as completed, and the user who completed the item. 
  • View the total number of checklist items users in your app have completed within the selected date range.

Getting Started

Report Parameters

This page will generate a list of the total number of checklist items that were completed by the users in your app, as well as a detailed view of each day within the selected date range, or just a single day. This detailed view includes the date and time the item was marked as completed as well as the user that completed it. To run this report, head over to Left-Navigation: Reports & More » Daily Checklist History.

  1. Select the starting date. This can go as far back as you'd like. 

  2. Select the end date. You can mark this to a future date, but this will not affect the outcome of the report. 

  3. Select the locations you wish to include in the report. 
  4. Click the blue Generate Report! button.  
Parameter Description
From Choose a starting date to view the checklist history on or after this date.
To Choose an end date to view the checklist history on or before this date.
Locations Select the locations you'd like to include on this report.


Helpful Hints

  • You can optionally run this report for just a single day by selecting the same from and to date. 
  • You can click the green Print PDF button to save a copy of the report to your computer and/or print a copy.

Report Output


The first table includes a list of all of the users in your app that have completed daily checklists, with a running total of how many items they have completed. This can be helpful to identify how many items users complete at a quick first glance.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 6.47.22 PM.png


This report will produce a list of information for each date within the date range selected for the report. It will include the time that the item was marked as completed, the location, item, type, and user who completed the item.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 6.53.08 PM.png


Report Output Description
Completed The exact date and time that the user marked this item as complete.
Location The location for this checklist. 
Item This is the item (task) on the checklist.
Type The user group assigned to this checklist. (example: groomer, kennel attendant, receptionist) 
User The user who completed this item.


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