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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will guide you through how to use the Rewards Report to generate a list of owners that have obtained Loyalty Rewards points within a specific time period, and how to edit those Loyalty Rewards points to add, deduct, or redeem.

Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Your business's administrator will need to set up Loyalty Rewards under Admin > Loyalty Rewards Points in order for this report to generate results.
  • Employees will need the proper permission enabled in order to edit Loyalty Rewards points. This permission can be located under Reports & More > Group Permissions: Can Manage Reward Points.

How it works: Rewards Report in Gingr

The Rewards Report is able to pull up all owners with Loyalty Rewards points on their account under the given parameters the report is run for. 


Set it Up: Let's get started. 

The Rewards Report can be run without parameters entered - simply click 'Generate' and the report will generate a list of owners and their Loyalty Rewards points. This report will also show owners with 0 Loyalty Rewards points when no parameters are entered.


Step 1: Accessing the Rewards Report

To access this report, you'll want to head to Reports & More > Reports > Rewards Report.

  1. At the top of the report page, there are report parameters.

  2. From and To will be the start and end date you wish the run the report for. These can be left blank to generate a report for all time.

  3. Check Export to Excel? if you wish to export this report to Excel file after it has been generated.

Step 2: Results

If no parameters are entered, the report will generate a list of all owners in the app, showing those with no Loyalty Points on the account under the Point Balance column as 0. After you generate the report, the results will appear as such:


The results column will show the owners who fall within the given parameters the report is run for. Clicking the owner's name will take you to their owner profile. Under the actions column, you can manage the reward points for the specific owner as well as view the history of rewards points on the owner's account. You will need the proper group permission enabled in order to add points, remove points, or redeem points.

The Redemption Results tab will show owners who have redeemed their loyalty rewards points for dollar amounts. This column will only generate results if there are tiers set in place in the app to redeem points under Admin > Loyalty Rewards Points. In this example, Hairy Otter will now show $10.00 in Store Credit on their account because they redeemed 10 points for $10.00.


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