Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) for Gingr Accounts

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Overview: What are we talking about?

At Gingr, we're committed to ensuring the security and protection of your data. Your trust in our services is paramount to us, and we continuously strive to provide the utmost security for your business. However, the most common source of data exposure comes from the most innocuous places, such as weak passwords, user account sharing, and relaxed permissions of who can access and manipulate your data.

In accordance to best security practices as well as following industry security standards, Gingr will be implementing multi-factor authorization (MFA) capabilities. MFA will be required for all admin user accounts as well as include an opt-in feature for other non-admin user groups if businesses would like to implement MFA for other user groups as well!

MFA is an extra layer of security that requires users to provide two or more verification forms before gaining access to their accounts. This additional step will significantly enhance the security of your accounts, making it even more challenging for unauthorized individuals to breach your data.

Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Important! Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) will be required for all Admin user group accounts effective summer of 2024. 

  • For non-admin user groups, your user group must have the "Require MFA At Login" permission to sign in with Multi-Factor Authorization.

How to: Best Practices

We want to take a moment to highlight the significance of securing your business data with best practices around user logins and access control to help you safeguard your digital information inside and outside of Gingr. We firmly believe that a proactive approach to security protects your sensitive information and helps your business's overall success. Here are some key best practices we encourage you to follow:

  • Strong Passwords: Your password is the first defense against unauthorized access. Please ensure that your passwords are strong, unique, and regularly updated. Combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols is highly recommended. Click here to learn how to require secure login credentials in Gingr.

  • User Account Sharing: Never share your user account credentials with anyone or leave account credentials in a place where they may be seen or captured by someone else. While sometimes convenient, sharing login information poses a significant security risk. Each team member should have a unique account login to ensure accountability and data security. Click here to learn about setting up and managing user access in Gingr.

  • Proper Permission Delegation: Review and manage user permissions diligently. Only grant access to the essential data and features for each team member's role. Restricting access to sensitive information is a vital security measure. Did you know that Gingr recently expanded its permission system to enable you to delegate specific admin functions to non-admins? Click here to learn about the new Admin Permission Delegation features in Gingr.


How to: How to use Multi-Factor Authentication to sign into Gingr

To sign into Gingr using MFA, simply login normally! When you sign in the first time, you will be routed to a separate login page like the one in screenshot below.


Screenshot (252).png


By default, you will be sent a one-time password (OTP) to the email address your account is using in Gingr. To find the OTP, simply log into that email address and look for an email from MFA Admin ( labeled Your Gingr Authentication Code

Once you have located, the email, input the 6 digit code, you will be taken to another page where you can setup 2-Factor Authentication for your account. Alternatively, you can also skip this step and do it at a later time using the Skip Setup button at the bottom of the page.


Screenshot (253).png


After either completing or skipping the 2FA OTP set-up, you will be logged into the app normal and MFA will setup will be complete!


How to: Enable MFA for User Groups

This section will walk you through how to enable the "Require MFA At Login" permission for selected user groups so that those users can log in with MFA!

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups >> App Permissions.
  2. Navigate to System & Data permission section.
  3. Enable the Require MFA At Login permission for all desired user groups.


How to: How to choose MFA preference

Gingr offers two methods for MFA login, an emailed OTP method or an 2FA authenticator application. You are able to choose between these methods to suit your personal preference! To do this, simple do the following.

  1. Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Users
  2.  Click on the drop-down menu of the desired user and select the Edit option
  3. Choose in the MFA Preference section between the Email OTP or Authentication Application options.
  4. Save your changes at the bottom of the page.

Important! If you did not set up the 2FA authentication application during your initial MFA setup, you can choose the blue button beside that option to set up your 2FA account. After that is complete, then that option will be available for selection. Otherwise, only Email OTP will be available.

Screenshot (257).png

FAQ: Check this out!

Q: Is there any way I can opt out of MFA as an Admin? 

A: MFA will be required for all users assigned to the Admin group to ensure compliance with PCI0 standards. There is no opt out feature.


Q: When I try to edit a user to choose the MFA preference, I cannot choose any options, why?

A: This is likely due to the fact that the user you are editing does not have the group permission "Require MFA At Login" enabled for their user group.

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