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Overview: What are we talking about?

The Owners Files Report allows businesses to generate a list of files that have been uploaded to owners accounts crossed a specified date range.

This report streamlines pet and owner record management by allowing users to quickly populate and review files that have been uploaded or emailed during a specified date range.

This report includes:

  • Export Options. You may export the report by selecting the Export to Excel checkbox upon report generation.  

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  • Ability to Send an email.  This report allows users to quickly email a client without navigating away from the report.

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  • Options to view or download uploaded Files.  This report allows users view or download a file generated on the report.

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How To: Run the Owner Files Report

1. Navigate to Left Navigation: Reports and More » Files Report
2. Fill out the fields according to the parameters below.
3. Generate Report!

Report Parameters

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Parameter Description
From Choose a starting date to see files uploaded on or after this date.
Until Choose an end date to see see files submitted on or before this date.
Owner Uploaded Only?  Check this box to only includes files uploaded by the pet's owner
Export to Excel? Check this box to export an Excel file of the data


Report Results

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 2.47.19 PM.png


Options Description
Actions This button gives user the option to send an email to the client, delete the file, or make the file private
Download File Clicking this option allows for the file to be downloaded or Viewed
File Name Displays the name of the file
Owner Displays the name of the owner
Animal Names Displays the name of the pet(s)
File Uploaded At Displays the date and time the file was uploaded
Owner Uploaded Indicates whether or not a file was uploaded the owner
Visible to Customer A green check mark will display if the file is visible to the customer


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