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Overview: What are we talking about?

Below you will find a list of terms or "Gingr Lingo" that you will come across in your Gingr app and their definitions.

Additional Service

An Additional Service in Gingr is any secondary level of service that can be added to a Reservation Type. Examples could be Treats, Playtimes, Baths, etc.
Additional Service Option Additional Service Options are another level of service that can be added to an Additional Service. This could be Specialty Shampoos for grooming services, upgrades to standard services, handling fees, etc.
Agreements Agreements in Gingr are legal contracts that you would have your customers sign to protect you in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances
Animal Form The Animal Form in Gingr is the registration form that collects all information specific to an Animal connected to an Owner’s account
Appointment An Appointment in Gingr is considered a stay at your facility that has to be scheduled for a specific day and time and with a particular employee. (Examples: Grooming, Private Training)
Appointment Card

The appointment card is designed to put all the information a specialist needs about a pet into one place. Appointment cards will show in various places including the Dashboard, Calendar Details, Manage Services, Service by Date Report, Animal & Owner profiles, and the shopping cart. If a scheduled service is assigned to a reservation for the current date it will show on the Appointment Card, otherwise, a history of scheduled services will show for the future.

Areas Areas in Gingr are a top-level way of organizing the rooms where your kennels (Lodgings) are housed. For example, you may have Room A with kennels 1-10, and Room B with Kennels 11-20.
Dashboard The Gingr Dashboard is the main landing page for Gingr. This page includes various tabs for managing who is arriving, leaving, and staying at your facility.
Employee Notes Employee Notes in Gingr are a feature designed to keep thorough and accurate records about what is happening in your facility. Employee Notes are connected to specific pets and owners. Similar to Incidents, Employee Notes are hidden from customers.
Estimate An Estimate in Gingr is the estimated total for a future or current reservation or appointment. When generating an estimate, it will give you a total based on the booking parameters. This total can always change before checkout. Prepayments can also be applied directly to an Estimate.
Groups Groups in Gingr are used to permit Users to access specific parts of your Gingr app. Using Groups, you can assign Users to a Group that manages their app permissions. This includes access to communicating with customers, applying discounts, viewing financial reports, etc.
Hours of Operation Hours of Operation in Gingr is a feature used to set up your drop-off and pick-up hours for each reservation type. You can also set your facility to be closed on specific days, or schedule special hours for specific reservation types during a specified date range.
Icons Icons in Gingr are visual representations of various things. Icons can be connected to Animals or Owners and can be customized to represent things such as behaviors, medical issues, or any other information that may be important.
Incidents An Incident in Gingr, is any major occurrence that needs to be recorded for a particular animal. This can be used if an Animal gets injured, injures another animal or human, or destroys any facility equipment. Incidents recorded in Gingr are hidden from customers.
Invoice An Invoice in Gingr is the receipt provided after an animal is checked out and revenue is collected. Invoices are itemized and allow the business to refund payment if necessary.
Lead Form The Lead Form in Gingr is connected to the Contact Us feature in your customer portal. You can customize the information collected in this form and use it to gauge interest from prospective customers with the Website Embedding features.
Lodgings Lodgings in Gingr are the specific Kennels or Runs that animals are staying in, housed within an Area. Lodgings can be easily viewed using the Lodging Calendar.
Open Line Items Open Line Items in Gingr are a feature in the shopping cart that allows you to create a custom line item on an invoice. This can be used to add fees at the last minute or to give discounts.
Owner An Owner in Gingr is a human customer
Owner Form The Owner Form in Gingr is the registration form that collects all information specific to an Owner
Package A Package in Gingr is a prepaid set of credits equivalent to a specific service. For example, you can set up a 10-credit Daycare package where each credit can be used to check out a Daycare service. Using packages, you can build a discount into the total the customer pays for the credits.
Pet A Pet in Gingr is an animal customer connected to an Owner
Pricing Rules

Pricing Rules in Gingr are a feature to automate various fees and discounts applied to Reservation Types. These can include multiple pet discounts, extended stay discounts, unaltered fees, late check-out or early check-in fees, etc. 

    • Exception - An Exception, concerning Pricing Rules, is a way to mark that if one rule takes effect, another predetermined rule will not. An example would be if you have both multiple pet discounts and extended stay discounts available but only want the pet to receive one or the other, you can apply an Exception. 
    • Inception - An Inception, concerning Pricing Rules, is a workaround where one pricing rule leads to another Reservation Type with another set of Pricing Rules. An example would be if you have a late check-out fee that needs to apply per family instead of per pet. You can create an Inception Reservation Type with Multipet Rules that do the math automatically to equally split the fee between all of the pets on the reservation.
    • System Modifier - A System Modifier in Gingr is a category of Reservation Type used for creating workarounds, such as Pricing Inceptions, Additional Service Packages, Etc. 
Report Cards Report Cards in Gingr are a feature designed to give customers updates on their pets while they are checked in. These reports can include pictures and videos and can be either emailed or texted to the customer.
Reservation A Reservation in Gingr is considered a single or multiple-day stay in your facility with drop-off and pick-up hours set by the Hours Of Operation Page. (Examples: Daycare, Boarding, Board & Train)
Reservation Form The Reservation Form in Gingr is a customizable form that serves as a way to collect extra information every time a specified reservation type is requested or booked.
Reservation Type A Reservation Type in Gingr is a top-level service that can be booked. This could be Daycare, Boarding, Grooming, Private Training, Etc.
Run Cards Run Cards in Gingr are customizable and printable documents that show all of the information related to a pet’s stay, designed to hang on the pet’s run.
Shopping Cart The Shopping Cart in Gingr is a dedicated page used for checking out reservations and appointments. It is also used to sell retail items and packages.
Specialist Specialists are employees/users who can be scheduled to perform specific services by appointment (e.g. groomers and trainers). Specialists can also have commission automatically attached to the services they complete.
Subscriptions/Memberships Subscriptions/Memberships are similar to packages but are set up to collect revenue and divvy out credits automatically on a set frequency.
User Users in Gingr are your Employees. Each employee should be set up with their own User account that they will log into to access your Gingr app.

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