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Overview: What are we talking about?

The Belongings Report is a great tool to track belongings on reservations, as well as to use to track down the owner of a lost item. 


How To: Run the Belongings Report.

To access the Belongings Report, go to Left Navigation: Reports and More » Belongings. This report can be generated for a date range, pets current checked in, or for pets checking out today.

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Report Parameters:

Parameter Description
From Date Start date of the date range you'd like to view
Until Date End date of the date range you'd like to view
Currently Check In?  Check this box to only include pets that are currently checked in. 
Checking Out Today? Check this box to only include pets that check out today. 
Location Select which location to run this report for.
Export to Excel? Check this box to export an Excel file when generating the report. 
Print PDF Once the report has been generated, you will have the option to Print to PDF.


Report Output:

The Report Results can filtered by Belonging Type by clicking in the search bar and selecting items from the drop-down menu:

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 4.51.34 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 4.51.23 PM.png

Column Title Description
Actions To edit belongings, click the actions drop-down and select "Manage Belongings."
Reservation Reservation type.
Start Date The reservation's start date.
End Date The reservation's end date.
Animal Name Links to the pet's profile.
Owner Name Links to the owner's profile.
Lodging (Last Day) Name of the lodging pet will be located on the last day of their reservation.
Belonging Area Where the belonging is located.
Belonging Type The type of item. If a photo of the item is attached, an image icon will appear. To view the photo, hover your cursor over the icon.
Belonging Description Displays custom description input when adding belonging. 

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