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Our messaging provider, Twilio, enforces strict guidelines for SMS content. Toll-Free Verification is required for sending messages over Toll-Free phone numbers. The Toll-Free Verification process requires providing detailed information which helps ensure phone numbers are tied to valid businesses and helps prevent fraud.

Important: Users who do not complete verification are blocked from sending any messages over Toll-Free numbers as of January 31, 2024. We recommend all users submit their registration as soon as possible to avoid delays in processing, and verification.


Before You Begin

  • System SMS is currently limited to customers within the United States and Canada. If you reside outside of North America, you could consider looking into a third party company called Esendex. For more information on this topic, please click here.
  • Important! Partial entries of this form will not be saved. Once you begin entering information, if you navigate away from this page at any point, you will need to start over.
  • Each location within Gingr will have its own unique phone number. If your app contains multiple locations, the verification status will display for the specific location you are under.


Complete Verification Request Forms

If your number is not yet verified, you will see an orange-highlighted message saying "Verification Not Started" on the System SMS page. Users with Admin permissions in your app can complete this verification form.

  1. To begin, navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » System SMS. Click the 'Start Verification' button then use the field guides provided below to proceed through the steps.
  2. Select Start Verification.
    Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 2.24.57 PM.png

  3. Enter Business and Contact Information when prompted. Once these fields have been filled out, select Continue to business address to proceed to the next step. See Field Guide below. 
    Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 2.24.02 PM.png
    Field Name Description Helpful Hint
    Legal Entity Name

    In this section, enter the name of the business or organization associated with the toll-free phone number. 

    The legal entity name should match the one listed on official government and legal documents.

    Website URL

    This should be the website associated with your business.

    Your website must be entered in similar to the following format example:

    DO NOT use your Gingr URL - the verification request will be rejected.

    If you do not have a business website, you can use a link to your social media page.

    The system doesn't check if URLs are valid. Whether you enter a proper URL or just text, no warning will appear. You’ll only find out if it's incorrect after submission. Make sure the URL is correct before submitting!

    First Name The first name of the contact for your business or organization. This information can be found in Admin » Manage Gingr Subscription 
    Last Name The last name of the contact for your business or organization. This information can be found in Admin » Manage Gingr Subscription
    Email Address The email address of the contact for your business or organization.

    This can be the email of whoever is submitting the verification 

    Phone Number 

    The phone number of the contact for the business or organization.

    This should be the number for your facility, not the toll free one we are verifying 
  4. Enter your Business Address. Once these fields have been filled out, select Continue to Messaging use case to proceed to the next step. 
    Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 2.30.12 PM.png


    Field Name Description
    Select a Country

    Enter the country code where your business operates.

    Currently, only the United States and Canada are available, as our SMS services are limited to customers in these regions.

    Address Street 1 Input your business's official address as it appears on legal documents.
    Address Street 2 Provide the second row of the street address, including any additional information necessary for location.
    Address City Specify the city where your business is located.
    Address State/Province Indicate the state/province or region corresponding to your business location.
    Address Postal Code Input the postal code associated with your business.


  5. Complete the files in the Messaging Use Case. 

    Field Name Answer  Description
    Estimated Monthly Messaging Volume  The estimated number is usually 10,000 for smaller apps, up to 250,000 for large enterprise apps.

    This describes the monthly volume estimation of messages from the toll-free number.

    Opt in type Web Form This describes how a user opts-in to text messages.
    Opt in policy image URL’s maximum  1000 characters  Include screenshot of opt-in information on Owner Form. Share via link such as Google Drive.   
    Use case categories Marketing and Account Notifications This should be the use case that best fits the types of messages being sent by this toll-free number. 
    Use case description - maximum 500 characters Businesses use SMS for transactional and marketing messages to customers This describes how messaging is used by the business or organization.
    Message content - maximum 1000 characters Thanks for your reservation for {animal_name} on {start_date}. Please check your email for more details. Thanks for your appointment on {start_date}. Please check your email for more details. Thanks!  
    Additional information - maximum 500 characters   This field is optional and is recommended to leave blank.
  6. Review Terms of Service then select Submit.
    Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 2.35.40 PM.png

Once submitted, you should receive a success message as shown below: 

Screenshot 2024-05-31 at 2.38.51 PM.png




FAQ: Check this out!

How long does it take to get my number verified?

The specific time it takes to verify a toll-free number can vary depending on the current queue and the completeness and accuracy of the information provided in your submission. While Twilio does not provide a specific timeframe for the verification process, it's important to ensure that your submission is as detailed and accurate as possible to avoid delays.

Can I send messages while waiting for verification to be approved? 

Based on the information from Twilio's documentation, starting January 31, 2024, a Twilio Toll-free number cannot send messages until the verification has been approved. This means that if you are currently in the process of verifying your toll-free number, you will not be able to send messages with it until the verification process is complete and approved.

What can I do if my Verification request is rejected?

If your submission is rejected, you have up to 7 days to make edits and resubmit to maintain your spot in the queue. After 7 days, any resubmission is treated as a new submission, which means the review process may take slightly longer.

If your verification request is rejected and you are unable to resubmit, please reach out to Gingr Support or your Onboarding Specialist for further assistance. 



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