Apply Package Credit to an Additional Service (How-to)

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Package credits can be applied to additional services in the cart with the proper set up. For information on how to set up a Service Package workaround, see here: Set Up Packages for Additional Services (WORKAROUND)


Before you begin

  • Important: Please know that, because this is a workaround, if you choose to use it, it cannot be fully supported as are the intended features and functionality of the app.

  • You can only use the Quick Checkout Feature with packages if the reservation type of the package matches what the pet is checked in for. Quick Checkout will not work for additional services, so these credits must always be applied in the cart.

  • Only users with the can assign package credits and can deduct/refund package credits user permissions enabled can add or deduct package credits from an owner's account. 


Apply Package Credit to Additional Service

  1. Add pet to the cart.
  2. Once in the cart, select the ticket icon on the Service to view package options.

    Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 3.22.40 PM.png

  3. Select the "Package Credits" drop down to view all available package options. Select the applicable package:

    Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 3.24.56 PM.png

  4. The package will apply the value assigned to cover the cost of the service, in this case $40.00, making the balance owed $0:

    Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 3.25.26 PM.png

  5. You can now proceed to checkout and complete the transaction. 

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