Webinar: Overview of the Financial Updates




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    Melissa Medick

    It was stated that a single invoice would be created if the reservation was made at the same time, but it isn't possible to make an entire multi-pet families reservation at the same time when one pet is booked in Feline Reservation Type and another is booked in Suites Reservation Type and another is booked in Small Dog Reservation Type. All those reservations have to be booked separately due to reservation types so in all multi-pet cases there would be separate estimates for each pet in the family, correct?

    In addition, if a multi-pet family books two dogs sharing lodging and then after the estimate is created we have to change the dates, the system currently requires that we edit each pet separately. Will the estimate remain as one and be updated to reflect the new dates for both pets?


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    Tracy Musser

    Will we be able to see any prepayment amounts from the cart? In the example you gave where the prepayments covered the whole cost and you checked out with no payment, that information wasn't displayed in the cart. We only knew prepayments covered the balance because we were just in the estimate. What happens if we check out with payment, and the prepayments covered everything?

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