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Opening a cash drawer through Gingr requires that your cash drawer is connected to your receipt printer.  We offer a free option and a fantastic paid option.

Important!: USB cash drawers connected directly to your computer cannot be triggered to open through Gingr.

Please note: that the cash drawer must be connected directly to the receipt printer via a 6-pin RJ-11/RJ-12 cable. (normal hard-line phone cables either have 2 or 4 pins and will not work for your drawer)

This article includes:

Free Cash Drawer Option:

If your cash drawer is connected to your receipt printer and your receipt printer connect to your computer, you can trigger your cash drawer to open by sending a receipt to that printer to print


You may also use a key to open your cash drawer.

Paid (Printnode) Option:

Gingr offers a paid integration with an application called PrintNode, which allows you to trigger your cash drawer from inside Gingr without the need to print a receipt. With this integration, the cash drawer can be triggered to open from any device, not just the device that is connected to the printer/drawer.  User permissions are built around this, so you can designate who is allowed to open the cash drawer at will.  


Note: in the video above, the panel is being opened using a keyboard command CTRL + K. 


The integration also allows you to print receipts to your receipt printer/s without using your browser's print interface.





We are elated to be able to offer this ability within Gingr to our customers; however since this service costs us money, we offer it to our customers for $75/year. To get started now, please submit a help ticket to our support team through this site or from the Help! page in your Gingr app and we'll get started setting you up.



What cash drawer should I purchase?

Any cash drawer with an "RJ11" connection will be compatible. 


What printer should I purchase? 

Star Printers - models TSP100, TSP700II, or other TSP model

Citizen - model CT-S310

POS-X - all models


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