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Overview: What are we talking about?

Contact Us and Lead Forms enable locations to collect information from existing clients as well as potential new clients through customizable forms that are available through the customer portal and can be embedded on the business website. 


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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Lead Forms are used to collect virtual information from new and existing clients. With lead forms, you can funnel in questions from existing clients into one report as well as create lead forms for specific events to track potential new clients. 

  • With the lead form, you can collect as little or as much information as needed from the client to complete their inquiry by adding and removing the required fields. 

  • Customers who submit a lead form that do not yet have active pets WILL NOT show up in the main search bar. However, they can be searched for from Owners & Pets » View All Owners

  • You can configure user groups to receive a notification when customers submit new lead forms. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups and turn on the Notification: New Lead Received permission.
    • This permission can be local to only the location where the form was submitted or can be global, meaning a notification will display at all locations when a customer submits a form. 
    • For more information see our article on App Notifications

  • The option to "Contact Facility" found on the main page of the Customer Portal will direct the user to the Lead Form, the "Contact Us" option within the portal will also direct users to that same Lead Form.

  • Due to data privacy regulations, your Customer Portal is required to have a Contact Us button on the homepage of the Customer Portal. This is to allow customers to directly request deletion of their accounts without logging in. Please see our article on Managing Owner Accounts for more information about deleting and disabling owner accounts. 

  • It is recommended that you do not delete your default Lead Form to remain compliant and ensure customers are directed to a valid form.
    • As an alternative to deleting, you could set all fields in your form to business only by selecting "Only Employees" under "Who Can See/Edit This Field?".
    • If the Lead Form is deleted, please note that you will lose access to archived form submissions on the Leads Report and that link on the homepage will only show the facilities contact information. To re-add the form simply create a new one and ensure the type is "Lead" and the name is "Lead Form".  


How to: Create and edit existing lead forms

You can create and edit existing lead forms under Admin » Lead Forms. There is no limit to the number of lead forms that can be created, but the original form delivered to all Gingr apps is directly linked to the Contact Us page on the customer portal and the Contact Facility button on the login page of the portal. 

  1. In the sidebar, click the Admin icon (), then select Customer Portal » Lead Forms.

  2. Click the Create Lead Form button. A New form builder will open. The first step includes four fields: Form Type, Label, Name, and Description.

    Select Lead as the Form Type and enter the internal form name into the Label field. This will automatically populate the Name field. Enter a brief Description describing the purpose of the form (i.e. Dog Days of Summer Event).

  3. Use the Toolbox to add additional fields to the form by clicking on the desired field. 
    V3jemd3P11.gif (1401×684)

  4. Hover over fields to select the Edit icon edit-regular.svg) to adjust the field-specific settings. 

    Set the name of the field in Display Label and optionally add a description to further clarify any instructions or necessary additional information in the Display Description

    Important! Fields tagged as 'R
    equired for Customer' indicate that 'Customers'  has been selected under Who Is Required to Complete This Field?. This means pet parents filling out this form on the customer portal must complete that field and will not be able to save the form until they do so.

    All remaining fields do not affect the lead form and should be left in their default state. 

How to: View lead forms

You can view lead forms under Reports » Leads Report

  1. Run the report for the specified date range. 
  2. Optionally, filter by Name, Phone, Email.
  3. Optionally, filter out by New Customers Only or only Completed Forms.
  4. Select which of your lead forms you would like to view.
  5. In the report that appears below, you can email them directly, invite them to register on the customer portal, add notes, edit the owner, as well as add pets.



For more information on customizing forms, click here.

For information on how to embed the lead form on your facility’s website, click here.


How to: Receive an In-App Notification When a Lead Form is Submitted

To receive an in-app notification, you must have the permission "Notification: New Lead Received" checked for your user group. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups and select the groups you would like to receive the notification. 

For more information see our article on App Notifications


How to: Receive an Email When a Lead Form is Submitted

To receive an email when this form is submitted:

  1. Navigate to Admin » Customer Portal » Lead Forms.

  2. Click on the name of the Lead Form to open the form for editing.

  3. From theToolboxon the right, selectHiddenInput.
    • The field will be added to the bottom of the form.

  4. Edit theHiddenInputfield showing asPlaceholderLabelmceclip0.png

  5. Display Label: Clear this field out, leaving it blank.

  6. Field Name: gingr_send_emails_to

  7. Default Value: Enter an email address.
    • Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

  8. Click Save when finished to save the changes to the field.

  9. On the bottom of the LeadForm, click Save to save the changes to the LeadForm.Screen_Shot_2018-09-30_at_2.39.12_PM.png



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