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Overview: What are we talking about?

This feature allows you to upload photos to Gingr in bulk, so you can share them with clients via Report Cards (or Facebook).

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • It is best to upload videos directly into a report card. While it is possible to bulk upload videos, it is not advised, as it is more time consuming (because you have to play each video in order to see who to tag, etc).  

  • Only animals who were checked in on that day will be able to be tagged in a photo. To create a report card for a past reservation, you can do so on the Animal's profile page.

  • As soon as you tag a photo, it is added to the most recent Report Card made for that pet. Or if none has been created for the current reservation, a new Report Card will be generated with the tagged photo.



How to: Upload photos in bulk.

You've taken dozens of photos throughout the day, and now it's time to send them off to pet parents. Rather than uploading them individually, you can add them all to Gingr and then add them to report cards accordingly. To do this:

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Report Cards » Bulk Photo Upload.


  2. On the Bulk Photo Upload page:

    • Desktop: Drag and drop files from your photo folder or desktop directly into the photo upload box as seen below.

    • Mobile: Click the Bulk Photo Upload box and choose photos from your mobile photo library.


  3. Refresh the browser to see files in the Unassigned Photos list.


  4. Once photos have been uploaded completely, a white check-mark will appear on each file. Tag all of the Animals in each photo. If there are multiple animals from different families, the same photo will appear on each animal's Report Card.


  5. Add captions to your photos.

  6. Save Files! 

    All report cards have now been created and will appear in the Un-Sent Report Cards. You can view all Un-Sent Report Cards by navigating to Left-hand Navigation: Report Cards » View Report Cards.

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