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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will show you how to create new breeds, import a list of breeds and delete a breed. As long as you have Admin access in your app, you may add or delete any breeds from the breeds list. These breeds will appear in the Breed drop-down located on the animal's profile (see related articles).

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How to: Manage breed list.

Add a Breed:

  1.  Navigate to  Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Breeds.
  2. Click the + Add Button.



  3. Enter the Breed Name of the breed, and the Color Description (optional).



  4. Click Save or Save And Add Another.


 Delete a Breed:

  1. Navigate to  Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Breeds.

  2. Type into the Search Name box to find the breed/s you want to delete.

  3. Click the checkbox to the left of the breed/s you want to delete and a Delete button will appear.


  4. A panel will appear, asking you to confirm that you want to delete the selected breed/s. Click Delete Item to complete the deletion.



Importing Breed Lists:

Use this tool to import a list of breeds into your application. Please note that this tool will completely replace the breeds list in your application. Any animal who currently has a breed assigned will be lost.



The next screen will navigate you to the following steps to download the template and upload your new list:


  • Step 1: Click here to download the template file

  • Step 2: fill out the template file according to the instructions in the column headings. Save your file.

  • Step 3: return to this page, click the Choose File button to select your file from your computer's file browser, then click the final Import! button. A green success message will appear upon successful upload.

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