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Overview: What are we talking about?
In Gingr, you can create a list of veterinarians that the animals of your business visit. This feature allows your facility to quickly add or change veterinarians in an animal's profile within Gingr. This function also allows the customer to edit their Veterinarian from the customer side of Gingr, by selecting from a pre-existing Vets or Adding a new one.

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How to: Manage the Veterinary List.

Add a Veterinarian:

To create and add a master list of Vets to choose from in the animal profile, navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Veterinarians.


  1. Click the + Add button.


  2. Fill out the appropriate fields your business requires for the Veterinarian. 



Add a Veterinarian from the Pet Profile

Both employees and customers will have the option to add a Veterinarian from the pet profile if it does not already exist. When creating or editing a pet profile, you will have the option to select from a list of veterinarians that already exist or click the 'Add A Vet':




If you, or the customer clicks Add A Vet, the next page will allow the customer to fill out the Veterinarian information and then it will be added to your list in Admin » Veterinarians.



Delete a Veterinarian:

To delete a veterinarian, navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Veterinarians.

  1. Search for the veterinarian you'd like to delete, and tick the box next to their name.

  2. Once selected, a Delete button will appear under the 'Actions' column. Click this button.



If you decide you do not want to delete a veterinarian but would not like access to the vet in the animal form, you can choose to turn the Status off. 




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