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Overview: What are we talking about?

The appointment card is designed to put all the information a groomer needs about a pet into one place. Appointment cards will show in various places including the Dashboard, Calendar Details, Manage Services, Service by Date Report, Animal & Owner profile and the shopping cart. If a scheduled service is assigned to a reservation for the current date it will show on the Appointment Card, otherwise, a history of scheduled services will show for the future. 

This article includes:

Set It Up
Anatomy of an Appointment Card

Helpful Hints: Before you get started.

  • The appointment card icon will show regardless of any scheduled services for existing checked-in reservations, but its a great quick reference for a history of scheduled services past or future. 

  • If you don't want to use the Appointment Card, it can be disabled from Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Animal » Show appointment card icon.


Set It Up: Let's get started.

Step 1: Set up Reservation Form 

If you so choose, you can create new Reservation Forms for your specific reservation types. For example, if you only need specific information to show up for a Grooming Appointment you can create a reservation form that's only required for Grooming. These forms are edited when creating a new reservation or appointment.


  1. Navigate to: Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation form.

  2. From the right-hand Toolbox you'll select the field type you'd like to add:


  3. You will then edit the field according to where you would like it to display:


  4. Then adjust these settings accordingly: 




Step 2: Utilizing the Appointment Card

From the Dashboard, you can see the new Appointment Card Icon. This icon will show regardless of any scheduled services. 




Anatomy of an Appointment Card




A. If a service is scheduled for the current date, this area will display the service details. From here you can: 

  • Edit the Appointment
  • Mark the service as complete
  • Send a 'Ready for Pickup' SMS/Email
  • Re-book 

How to Re-book:

  1. Click on the Re-book button and you will be redirected to the New Appointment page that will auto-populate the service selection, and the specialist the pet was last booked with to continue booking:  



Note: you can access the Appointment Card from the New Appt page to reference a history of service information in case needed to schedule the current appointment. 

From here you can add the appointment date, time, and any Service Options and save accordingly.


B. On the right side of the Appointment Card there are 4 tabs (Data, Employee Notes, History and Future).




Data will allow the user to edit or view tagged fields from the Reservation Form, Animal and Owner Forms. If you click the edit pencil icon next to the form, you can edit any of the tagged/displayed fields:



Employee Notes:

Here you can add Employee Notes just like you can from the Animal and Owner profiles:




This tab will show all previously scheduled service history




This tab will show all future scheduled services



FAQ: Check it out.

How do I tag Owner or Animal information to the New Appointment page and/or Appointment Cards?

From Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Owner Form or Animal Form, hover over the field you would like to add and click the pencil to edit it. At the bottom of the side window is Tags. Click New Appointment page and/or Appointment Card then save the side window and save again at the bottom of the form. Thereafter this information will display in the specified locations. 



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