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Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton
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Overview: What are we talking about?

Below you will find video tutorials for the various features within Gingr. Although there aren't videos for all features (yet!), we hope that this gives you a good start at learning how to use the program. We have also included links to the related article so that you can read more about the feature if needed.
This article includes:



Dashboard & Basic Functionality Overview 

Article: Using the Dashboard

Dashboard Tabs Overview 


Making a Reservation

Article: Making a Reservation



Editing a Reservation

Article: Editing Reservations 


Making New Appointments

Article: Scheduling Appointments


Accepting and Confirming Reservations

Article: Accept or Reject Online Reservations 



Updating Immunization Records

Article: Uploading Immunization Records From the Customer Portal


Checking in Reservations

Article: Checking Pets In



Managing Services for Checked-In Pets 


Editing a Lodging Assignment

Article:  Editing Reservations


Making and Sending Report Cards 

Article: Sending Report Cards



Checking Out a Reservation 

Article: Using the Shopping Cart

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