Assigning Lodgings to Reservations

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Overview: What are we talking about?

Lodging is a specific room an animal stays in. Your Lodgings are associated with reservation types, so that when you book a reservation, you can also select a lodging for that reservation (e.g. Boarding Reservation Type can be booked in XL Kennel 1). Lodgings are typically kennels, pens, crates, runs, suites, etc.

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Helpful Hints: Before you get started.

  • If your facility is Cage Free (you don't use enclosures like pens, kennels, crates, etc.) then you may not see Lodgings in your app.

  • Lodgings can never be chosen by a customer when they request a reservation through their portal. This helps to better manage your capacity and maximize the number of animals you can accommodate. 



Video Tutorial: A helpful tour.

Set it Up: Let's get started.
Select a Lodging When Making a New Reservation

A Lodging is assigned at the time a reservation is created, accepted, or edited. The lodging is
either automatically selected by Gingr, or assigned by staff.  In this example, we will create a new reservation from the business side of Gingr:
  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reservations » New Reservation.

  2. Fill out the new reservation form with all details of the reservation.


  3. Gingr will look at the lodging calendar and pre-select a lodging based on animal weight, lodging availability, and capacity. This message will appear in the lower left of your screen. It will only auto-select if the animal number limit and the animal weight limit is set.


  4. If you are not satisfied with the pre-selected lodging, you can easily select different lodgings from the lodging picker.

    Notice the color coding. Green indicates the current lodging assignment for this pet's reservation. Yellow indicates that a lodging is already occupied by another animal. Pink indicates that the lodging is at capacity.

    • Click on the Lodging header to expand the section and view the current lodging assignment.


    • Click the + button to assign a single lodging for all dates of the reservation.


    • Or, click on individual lodgings for particular days of the reservation, to book various lodgings throughout the pet's stay.

  5. Complete the rest of new reservation details (Additional Services, Notes, etc), and click Save.



Select a Lodging When Accepting a Reservation

When you accept reservation requests for reservation types that use Lodgings, after clicking Accept and Confirm or Accept and Don't Confirm, you will be given a Lodging Chooser.


If the customer has created matching reservations for multiple pets, and Lodge Together has been selected, it will say Lodge Together at the top of the lodging picker.  
Important! Each pet's reservation has to be accepted individually, so be sure to select the same Lodging for the all pets being Lodged Together. 

Capacity Limits for Lodgings

Individual Lodgings have an optional maximum capacity for the number of animals they can accommodate, and a total weight limit. These limits help to keep your facility from overbooking, but you will always be able to override them. When you try to overbook a lodging, you will receive a warning message, but be able to continue if you'd like.

On the Lodging picker, you will see the lodging name, and capacity broken down into a number of animals and animal weight.

Number of Animals Limit


Animal Weight Limit



When setting Animal Limit and Animal Weight Limit, this will trigger the lodging auto-selection when creating a new reservation. Which means the system will auto-select lodging based on the pet's weight. The first lodging that is available in the list by area/alphanumerically that is closest to the animal's weight will be first selected. For example: a 45 lb dog would go in a 50 lb lodging before it would go in a 100lb.  

Important! When booking lodgings, staff are able to override these capacity limits and allow over-booking. You will be shown a pop-up asking you to confirm.

This can be helpful when:

  • You are nearing capacity and need to "double book" a lodging, overlapping reservations where one pet is going and one is coming. (See Managing Capacities at the end of this article.)

  • You cycle daycare dogs in and out of the same lodging throughout the day.

  • You need to overbook for the holidays, knowing you will have some reservations cancel (an alternative technique would be to create some dummy lodgings for booking over capacity).



Managing Capacities:

If you are nearing capacity or do not have a single lodging available for all nights of a pet's stay, you can select different Lodgings for each day of the reservation.

When you see a red arrow on the lodging picker: This is the end time of an already booked reservation. When you see an end time like this, you may choose to start another reservation in the same lodging on that day, allowing the reservations to overlap.


Capacity Limits From the Customer Side:

If your facility is at capacity for the dates selected by a customer, they will see an error message on the bottom left of their app. The customer cannot over-book your facility. However, if you would like to allow an over-booking, they can always call you to make the reservation. 

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