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Overview: What are we talking about?

Gingr is integrated with a service called Broadly ( Broadly helps local businesses attract leads, connect with customers, and automatically request reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other popular review sites. Provide a 5-star customer experience with a responsive website, automated Web Chat, streamlined text and email communication, and flexible mobile payment options. Broadly makes it easy for customers to find you, work with you, and rave about you.

*Broadly is only available to customers in the U.S. and Canada. 

Broadly Premium features include:

  • Unlimited review requests
  • Automated Web Chat
  • Consolidated team Inbox
  • Text & email communication 
  • Saved Replies & templated messages
  • Itemized quotes and invoices
  • Text-to-pay mobile invoicing
  • Pay Over Time customer financing
  • Dashboard & Reports 


This article includes:


Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • Gingr will not notify Broadly if the customer is opted out of marketing emails. If a customer is opted out of marketing SMS, we will not pass the customer's phone number to Broadly.


Set it Up: Let's get started.

Step 1: How to Subscribe to Broadly

Signing up for Broadly is easy! Follow one of these two options below to get started:

  • Schedule a demo to see how all of the features in Broadly Premium can help you request and collect reviews, engage with leads and customers, and win more business! Click here to connect with Broadly’s team. 
  • Get started with Broadly Free, a forever-free starter plan that automatically sends Google review requests by email to customers after services are complete. Send 25 Google review requests per month and build a strong online reputation. To get started, go to Left-Navigation: Admin » Manage Gingr Subscription and click "Get Started for Free!" under the Broadly option. 


Once you have either started Broadly Free or you have signed up for Broadly Premium after a demo, continue on to the next steps.


Step 2: Configure Broadly Request Preferences

Gingr's integration with Broadly allows you to control when customers should be asked for a review.

You have two options to send a review request from Broadly when triggered from Gingr:

  1. With every checkout.
  2. With every checkout survey that has a positive review.

    Note: This means that no responses in the survey were equal to or less than the "survey trigger alert threshold" value and requires the setup of the reservation checkout survey. Click here to learn more about survey functionality in Gingr.

To set this up, navigate to the Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Broadly. If you only want Broadly to request a review after a positive survey is submitted in Gingr, then enable the Broadly request positive survey only system-wide setting. Otherwise, leave this setting disabled to send a Broadly request for every checkout. 



Step 3: Enter your Broadly Location ID

Stop! If you signed up for Broadly Free directly from within Gingr, then Gingr has automatically handled this step for you and no further action is required.

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Broadly.

  2. Locate the Broadly Location ID field, and enter a unique value. We recommend entering your Gingr subdomain. For example, if your Gingr URL is, your subdomain is demo.

    Important! If you have multiple locations, you need to enter a different value for each location. In this case, we recommend adding a "-2", "-3", "-4" to your subdomain. For example, if your Gingr URL is, and the location you are currently editing is 2, enter "demo-2" (without quotes) as your Broadly Location ID.



How To: Cancel your Broadly Subscription

Step 1: Cancel Your Subscription 

If you would like to cancel your Broadly subscription, please send a written request to . For more information on Cancellation and Refund Requests from Broadly, click here

Step 2: Remove the Broadly Integration from Gingr

To discontinue your Broadly integration with Gingr, head to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Broadly.

Remove your Broadly Location ID. Once you click out of the field, your changes will be saved. 


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