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Setting Up the PrintNode Integration

Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton
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Overview: What are we talking about?

Gingr offers a paid integration with an application called PrintNode, which allows you to trigger your cash drawer/s from inside Gingr without the need to print a receipt. With this integration, the cash drawer can be triggered to open from any computer or mobile device, not just the device that is connected to the printer/drawer. User permissions are built around this, so you can designate who is allowed to open the cash drawer.

This article includes:

Helpful Hints: Before you begin.
  • Important! Before getting started, you will want to install the receipt printer software or driver on your computer.

  • For Star TSP receipt printers (recommended) you can follow the links below for installation:
    • Windows 

    • Mac - You can input the type of receipt printer you're using and search for the software download if not provided when printer was received.
  • For Mac, add printer in your Computer settings.



Set it Up: Let's get started.  

PrintNode Integration Setup
  1. Inform our support staff that you want to set up the PrintNode integration by submitting a ticket through this website or through your in-app Help! page. We will:

    • Contact the owner or primary contact of your business directly to confirm the request

    • Gingr will then set up your subscription using your credit card on file ($75/year, automatically recurring billing)

    • Gingr will input the required API key into your app

    • Gingr will email you your PrintNode login information (this needs plugged in to the PrintNode app downloaded in step 2.

  2. You will Download the PrintNode app:



    Direct link to the download page here

  3. On a computer wired to your receipt printer/s, login to the PrintNode app using the login information provided by Gingr:



  1. Once logged in, navigate to the Printers tab and select "Engine6" (Windows) or "Engine7" (Mac) from the Default printing backend dropdown menu:3ffa7a20-f424-11e8-9d6a-359fb51c65ea-12.png


  2. Navigate to your app URL, for example: On this same page, you should see any receipt printers connected to your computer, this section looks like this:


    If you have printer software installed on your computer, wifi connected printers or printers connected directly to your computer, PrintNode will recognize those printers. When you click the +Add button, these will show also:



  3. Next, click the +Add button:


    Fill in the fields for your printer and save. The Label is the name you're giving your printer. The Printer ID and Cash Drawer Code are found above the form. The cash drawer code coincides with which type of receipt printer you have.


    Repeat step 5 for any additional receipt printers you want to set up.



User Permissions:

Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Can Open Cash Drawer

This permission allows users to open the cash drawer at any time, using a keyboard command or by navigating to Left-hand Navigation: Point of Sale » Cash Drawer.

Can Open Cash Drawer Checkout This permission, in conjunction with the new payment method option, will trigger the cash drawer upon checkout of specific payment methods  


Payment Methods that open the Devices panel:

There is a setting for payment methods called Open Cash Drawer Modal. 

If this setting is set to yes/on, transactions using this payment method will trigger the Devices panel to open for users with the can open cash drawer checkout user permission. From the Devices panel, the cash drawer can be triggered to open and receipts can be sent directly to your receipt printer/s.

Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Payment Methods and edit any payment methods you want to bring up the Devices panel at checkout.



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