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Checking Pets In

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will cover how to check pets in. There are a few ways to check in a pet in Gingr including Quick Check-In, Expected Today section, using a Barcode Scanner, etc. 

This article includes:

Helpful Hints: Before you begin.
  • Quick Check-In: This can be used to quickly check in multiple animals at a time. 

  • Expected Today: This section is found on the dashboard and will automatically populate the day an animal is expected to arrive. 

  • Animal Profile Page: A pet can be quickly checked in right from their profile page.

  • If you have Check-In Questions set up for a particular reservation type, they will NOT come up automatically when using Quick Check-In or if you check them in using a barcode scanner. To answer the questions, simply click the gray 'i' icon to the right of the reservation type drop-down.

  • If the Check In For Daycare is greyed out on the Animal Profile page, this means the pet is already checked-in.

  • If a pet is not showing up for Quick Check-In, try rebuilding your search indexLeft-hand Navigation: Admin » Manage Data » Rebuild Search Index. 

Video Tutorial: A helpful tour.

How to: Check pets in.
Quick Check In
  1. Navigate to Dashboard » Quick Check In.


  2. Choose the Reservation Type.

  3. Type the name of the pet that you're checking in into the Choose Animal(s) field. You can check in several pets at once if needed. You can also type owner first and last names to find the pet/s.

  4. Make any necessary updates to the reservation type, end date/end time, or add custom icons by clicking the +icon.

  5. Click Add! You will get a success message in the lower left corner of your screen, and now the animal will be listed in the Checked In section of your Dashboard.



Check In from Expected Today Section

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard » Expected Today section.

  2. Click the checkmark icon next to the pet you are checking in.



  3. If you have Check In Questions turned on for the reservation type, a panel will pop up where you can confirm and modify the details of the reservation as well as answer the check-in questions (see below on setting up Check-in Questions).

  4. You will see a success message in the lower left-hand corner of your screen to let you know that the pet has been successfully checked in! The pet will now appear in the Checked-In section of the Dashboard.



Check In from Animal Profile 

  1. You first need to find the animal you want to check in by going to Top Navigation » Search » Type Animal Name » Select Animal.

  2. Click the Check-in for [Reservation Type] button. If you would like to check in the animal for a different reservation type, simply click on the down arrow next to the quick check-in button to get a list of all other reservation types.


    After checking the pet in, you can edit their reservation to include services, notes, and end time from the Checked-in section on the dashboard or from the Reservations tab on the animal's profile page.


If the pet does not have a reservation

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reservations » New Reservation.

  2. Create a new reservation for the pet, with today as the start date and the date they are
    supposed to go home as the end date. The Start Time has to be after the present time.

  3. Select the manually confirm reservation? box, so that the reservation will show up in the Expected section on your dashboard today.


  4. Find the reservation in the Expected section on your dashboard and check the pet in by clicking the checkmark.


  5. Once the pet is checked in, find them in the Checked In section on your dashboard, click the actions menu next to their name, and select Edit Reservation.


  6. The Edit Reservation panel will appear. Edit the start date and time to be the date and time the pet actually arrived at your facility. You will be directed to choose lodging for the new days you have entered if this is a reservation that requires lodging.


  7. Click the Save and Close button. The reservation has now been updated with the correct start date and time.

Check-In Using Gingr PreCheck

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Dashboard » Expected Tab.

  2. The client's reservation will be highlighted and moved to the top of the Expected Tab. *Please note that this will only happen after the client has selected the "I'M HERE" button from their Gingr PreCheck form.

  3. Important: The "I'M HERE" button triggered yellow highlight works when the Pet Parent's Location is the same one as the PreCheck Reservation. If a Pet Parent has a reservation for a location other than their 'home location', the yellow dashboard highlight triggered by the "I'M HERE" button on the PreCheck form won't function.

  4. Click the check mark icon to the left of the pet's name. 

Before the pet can be checked in, users will be prompted to review the submitted Gingr PreCheck form. If needed, the form can be edited. When the user is done reviewing the form, the "Complete Check-in" button can be selected to officially check the pet in.  HIo8t1xmSP.gif

After the reservation with the PreCheck Form is checked in, you can view it under the additional detail section on the Reservation Details. Any changes will have a yellow highlight next to it. Please see Viewing Reservation Details for more information. 


If the pet has a reservation but was not checked in on time

So the pet had a reservation, but whoops, somebody forgot to check them in yesterday...!  Well, worse things have happened. 

  1. Go to the pet's Animal profile page by clicking on their name anywhere in the app, or by using the search in the upper left of your app.

  2. Click the Reservations tab on their profile page.


  3. Find the reservation they should be checked in for and select Edit Reservation from the Actions dropdown menu.


  4. Edit the reservation to have today's date as the start date (note that the time has to be some time after now). If Confirm for Customer? is not already ticked, tick it, then click Save button.


  5. Next, go find the reservation on the Dashboard in the Expected section and check the pet in by clicking the checkmark.


  6. Now that the pet is checked in, go find the reservation in the Checked In section on the dashboard and select Edit Reservation from the actions menu button next to their name.


  7. The Edit Reservation panel will appear. Change the start date and time to the date and time the pet was actually checked in!


  8. In the Lodging section, select lodgings for the entire stay, including the added dates.

  9. Click the Save and Close button. The reservation has now been updated with the correct start date and time. 



Undo Check-In (Checked in the Wrong Pet)

If you checked in the wrong dog, you'll have to Undo the Check-in. 

  1. Find the incorrectly checked-in animal on the dashboard under Checked-In.

  2. Click on the List Icon next to the Cart.

  3. Click Undo Check-In.


  4. The Pet will then be transferred back to the Expected portion of the Dashboard if they have a reservation that is beginning today. 


Edit Check-In Date or Time

Whether you're just starting to use Gingr and want to check in the pets who arrived at your facility days ago, or somebody forgot to check a pet in hours or days ago, not to worry, you can check them in today (now), then change their check in date and time in Gingr.

Changing the check-in time for a pet who is already checked in requires that the edit check in stamp user permission is turned on in your user group/s. None of the below solutions will work if that user permission is not on in your group/s. 



Check-In Using a Barcode Scanner

Optionally, you can check pets in using a barcode scanner and barcode key tags, just like the ones you use for member discounts at grocery stores and other retailers. Gingr does not sell or provide key tags. They must be purchased from a 3rd party and can be found through numerous online retailers.

If you choose to purchase key tags, you will assign them per owner, not per pet.

Assigning a Barcode key tag to an Owner:

  1. Navigate to the Edit Owner page for the owner and find the Barcode field. If this field has been removed from your Owner form, please see below to learn how to create a new barcode field.

  2. Place your cursor in the barcode field and scan a new key tag into the field.

  3. If the barcode is successfully registered, the form will automatically be saved with the customer's new barcode.

  4. Give the key tag to the customer.


Checking a Pet in with the Barcode Keytag:

  1. While on the Dashboard, place your cursor in the Search field in the app's header.

  2. Scan the customer's barcode key tag with your barcode scanner.

  3. a) If the owner has only one pet in your app, that pet will be checked in immediately for your Quick Check-In default reservation type or an existing reservation, if they have one for the current date.

    b) If the owner has multiple pets, you will be taken to the Search page, which will display all of the owner's pets, where you can then check one or more of them in by clicking the Quick Check In button. If they have existing reservations for the current date, they will be checked in for those reservations, regardless of the reservation type displaying on the button.

If there is no Barcode Field on Your Owner Form:
  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Owner Form.

  2. Click the Text Input field type in the toolbox menu on the right.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the form, hover over the new field that says "Placeholder Label" and click the pencil icon to edit.

  4. In the panel that appears on the left side of your screen

    • Rename the field Barcode

    • Select Hide on Customer Registration Form?

    • In Who Can See/Edit This Field? Select Only Employees

    • Click the blue Save button

  5. Optionally, drag your new Barcode field to another location on the form.

  6. Click the final Save button on the bottom of the form to save your changes.


Check-In Questions

For each reservation type, you may optionally set up three questions that are asked upon checking a pet in.  If you turn these on, when checking pets in from the Expected section of the dashboard, you will also be presented with a panel where you can confirm and modify the details of the reservation.
  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Types & Services Configuration.

  2. Navigate to edit the settings for the reservation type in question.

  3. Turn on the Show check in form? toggle. 

  4. Enter up to three Check In Questions.

  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the side window to save your changes.


Thereafter when you click to check a pet in for that reservation type you will be presented with a popup to answer these questions as well as update departure date/time, lodging, services, feeding and medication instructions, belongings, and deposit requirements. 



Quick Check-In Default Reservation Type:

This allows you to select a default reservation type on the Quick Check In window. Please only make one reservation type the Quick Check-In default type. You may still optionally choose another Reservation Type when using the Quick Check-In feature.

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Types & Services Configuration.

  2. Navigate to edit the settings for the reservation type in question.

  3. Under the Check In Options tab in the edit side window, enable the toggle "Is this type the quick check in default type?"

  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the side window to save your changes.


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