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Gingr’s integrated credit card processing offers many advantages over processing through a third party and will save you time and effort when collecting payment through Gingr.

To learn more about all the advantages our credit card processing integration has to offer, read this article, and please visit our website:

This article includes: 

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in moving forward with Gingr as your processing provider, please email fill out an application here: Credit Card Processing Application


How does the application process work?

Our goal is make this a smooth transition for you, and we have a very close partnership with CardConnect that allows us to have visibility into the entire application process. Once you fill out the application:

  • We will take the information from your application, and send back a formal application for you to sign electronically. This happens within 1 business day.

  • Once signed by you, CardConnect will provide you with an approval and a merchant account within 1 business day (so long as additional information is not needed). At this time they will also mail your credit card terminal to you.

  • Once the merchant account has been established, you will receive an email from Gingr with your Merchant ID, and instructions for configuring your terminal.

 That's it! We expect this process to take no more than 3-5 business days.



Do I need a tablet to check out credit card transactions?

With the new chip-enabled Ingenico Bolt terminals, your customers no longer need to provide an electronic signature. You can still set up a tablet at your front desk though, so that a client can see a line-item breakdown of their bill during checkout.


What kind of tablet should I use?

If you have questions about what tablet to purchase, truly any tablet with a web-enabled browser will work. Here are some suggestions if you are looking to buy one new:

Nexus 7


Kindle Fire


Kindle Fire - $50 or less

And here’s a stand that many of our customers like if you want to mount the tablet to your countertop:



What is PCI Compliance, and how do I comply?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (abbreviated as PCI or PCI-DSS) is the industry standard for how to properly handle your customers’ credit card information. Compliance with this standard for most merchants consists of a completing an annual questionnaire, as well as establishing a monthly network scan (this needs to be set up annually and runs in the background each month). You’ll want to take the brief 15 min each year required to prevent your business from paying a monthly non-compliance fee. For instructions on how to complete this questionnaire, please see this article: PCI Compliance Questionnaire.

Why did I receive a 'Card on file error' when selecting to save a credit card on file? 

Due to security reasons, when saving credit card details to an owner profile, we do not support tokenizing card details if a digital wallet is used. This means that if a customer uses tap to pay at checkout with their smartphone or watch and the business checks the 'Save Card to File?' option, the below error message will generate and the card information will not be stored. 


All details of the card must be manually entered or the card must be dipped/swiped to successfully save a card on file.



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