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Overview: What are we talking about?

Saving a credit card to your customer's owner profile will allow you to process credit card transactions quickly. You will be able to select this card on file any time your customer checks out of a reservation or makes any kind of point of sale purchase. Having cards on file are also necessary for subscriptions.

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • You will know that a customer has a card on file when you see the VISA icon under the pet's name. This appears on the Dashboard, the Calendar Details page, and many places you see a pet's name in Gingr.

  • If you don't use a credit card terminal but are utilizing Gingrs integrated credit card processing, you'll need to have the Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Credit Card Processing for Allow manual card entry enabled to save cards on file. 



How to: Save and use credit cards on file.

Enabling Cards on File

In order to use cards on file, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Left Navigation: Admin » Owner Form.
  2. Select the Credit Card field type on the ToolBox on the right side of the page to add this function to your owner form.

  3. Save the owner form.


Saving a Credit Card to the Owner Profile

The most common way to add a card on file is from the owner profile. To do this:

  1. On the Owner page, click the Pencil Icon to edit the owner's profile.


  2. On the Edit Owner page, scroll down to the credit card field. Enter valid credit card information. Click the hand icon to manually input the card info:


3. Click 'Use This Card' and then 'Save' at the bottom of the form. The credit card information will now be visible on their profile as seen below:


Saving a Credit Card During Checkout

You can also save a card on file at checkout. Just click the "Save Card on File?" checkbox to save the card used to check out the transaction to the customer's profile.

 Due to security reasons, when saving credit card details to an owner profile, we do not support tokenizing card details if a digital wallet is used. This means that if a customer uses tap to pay at checkout with their smartphone or watch and the business checks the 'Save Card to File?' option, the below error message will generate and the card information will not be stored. 


All details of the card must be manually entered or the card must be dipped/swiped to successfully save a card on file. 

Using a Card on File

To use a card on file for payment when checking out a reservation from the Dashboard:

  1. Click the Cart icon to push the reservation to the cart.
  2. From the Cart, click Check Out with Payment to see Payment Method options.
  3. Choose the Card on File payment method.
  4. Select Complete Checkout



Accepting Tips for Card on File

To accept a tip for a card on file transaction, select a terminal to push the transaction to instead of the Complete Checkout button. Please note that at this time this ONLY applies to CardConnect terminals and not Gingr Payments terminals.






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