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There are various reasons that a Credit Card Processor might produce an error code when processing a credit card. In this article, we provide some of those reasons and identify when to contact Gingr for these errors and when to contact CardConnect directly.

This article includes:


Gingr Errors

Below are some helpful troubleshooting tips as to why you would receive an error when processing payments in Gingr:

Error Description Helpful Hint
An unknown error occurred - New Transaction Card Connect If you are receiving this error, contact the Gingr support team.
Payment Already Submitted This card was already charged for this transaction.   
Amount is required for new transaction No payment amount was entered when submitting payment.  
Please select a payment method A payment method needs to be selected from the drop-down menu  
An expiration date, postal code, and CVV are required when saving cards on file You will want to update the customer's profile with this information  
Invalid payment method for this payment amount Please choose a non-credit card payment method if the payment amount is 0.00   
You selected a payment method that does not support $0.00 transactions Please choose another payment method or enter a valid payment amount  
Invalid payment amount for this transaction Either select an owner or you must collect the full payment  
You must assign an owner when purchasing a package Select an owner on the checkout window This is controlled by the setting Require Owner for Transactions found under Admin » Check-Out Options
You cannot select a zero payment method if no owner is associated with the transaction    
The payment amount can not be greater than the total of the shopping cart You cannot accept more money than what is listed in the cart.  
There was an error. This usually happens when the customer does not have a card on file but you requested charging a card on file. Another possibility is that you have a firewall blocking access to port 8443 on your computer.    

Card on file error!
Failed to save card on file. Please insert card or manually enter number to save card on file.

Due to security reasons, when saving credit card details to an owner profile, we do not support tokenizing card details if a digital wallet is used. This means that if a customer uses tap to pay at checkout with their smartphone or watch and the business checks the 'Save Card to File?' option, the error message will generate and the card information will not be stored.

All details of the card must be manually entered or the card must be dipped/swiped to successfully save a card on file.


CardConnect Errors

If you are trying to process a payment that comes back declined, you can log in to your CardPointe portal to find out what the specific error is.


  1. Once logged in you'll navigate to the Reporting tab to view recent transactions:


  2. You will then click on the transaction number on the left to view the transaction details page.

  3. From here you will see the 'Response Code', you will see below all of the response code descriptions.


CardConnect Response Codes:

The following table shows the response codes that can be generated by CardConnect internally. Additional comments enclosed in brackets are not part of the response text. 

There are two sets of codes based on your backend platform with CardConnect. Gingr currently supports the Rapid Connect and First Data North platforms. If you have a clover terminal, you are on the Rapid Connect Platform. 

Gateway Response Codes (PPS)

respproc respcode respstat resptext
PPS 00 A "Approval"
PPS 01 A "VoiceAuth Approved"
PPS 08 A "Profile Deleted"
PPS 09 A "Profile Saved"
PPS 11 C "Invalid card"
PPS 12 C "Invalid track"
PPS 13 C "Bad card check digit"
PPS 14 C "Non-numeric CVV"
PPS 15 C "Non-numeric expiry"
PPS 16 C "Card expired"
PPS 17 C "Invalid zip"
PPS 18 C "CardDefense Review"
PPS 19 C "CardDefense Decline"
PPS 21 C "Invalid merchant"
PPS 22 C "No auth route"
PPS 23 C "No auth queue"
PPS 24 C "Reversal not supported"
PPS 25 C "No matching auth for reversal"
PPS 26 A "Txn Settled"
PPS 27 C "Txn Batched"
PPS 28 C "Txn not settled"
PPS 29 C "Txn not found"
PPS 31 C "Invalid currency"
PPS 32 C "Wrong currency for merch"
PPS 33 C "Unknown card type"
PPS 34 C "Invalid field"
PPS 35 C "No postal code"
PPS 36 C "Duplicate sequence"
PPS 37 C "CVV mismatch"
PPS 38 C "CVV is required"
PPS 39 C "Void not permitted after 30 days"
PPS 41 C "Below min amount"
PPS 42 C "Above max amount"
PPS 43 C "Invalid amount"
PPS 44 C "Prepaid not supported"
PPS 45 C "Refunds without reference not supported"
PPS 46 C "Partial refunds not supported"
PPS 48 C "Echeck not supported"
PPS 61 B "Line down"
PPS 62 B "Timed out"

Note: See Handling Timed-Out Transactions for more information.

PPS 63 C "Bad resp format"
PPS 64 C "Bad HTTP header"
PPS 65 C "Socket close error"
PPS 66 C "Response mismatch"
PPS 70 C "Voice authorization cannot be voided"
PPS 71 C "EMV data not authorized"
PPS 91 C "No TokenSecure"
PPS 92 C "No Merchant table"
PPS 93 C "No Database"
PPS 94 C "No action"
PPS 95 C "Missing config"
PPS 96 C "Profile not found"
PPS 97 C "Merchant disabled"
PPS 98 C "Invalid token"
PPS 99 C "Invalid card"
PPS 101 C “AVS Mismatch”
PPS 102 C “Service Fee Declined”
PPS 103 C “Service Fee Txn not found”
PPS 104 C “Surcharge Not Supported”


Rapid Connect Response Codes

respproc respcode respstat resptext
RPCT 000 A "Approve"
RPCT 001 C "Schema Validation Error"
RPCT 002 A "Approve for partial amount"
RPCT 003 A "Approve VIP"
RPCT 100 C "Do not honor"
RPCT 101 C "Expired card"
RPCT 102 C "Suspected fraud"
RPCT 104 C "Restricted card"
RPCT 105 C "Call acquirer security department"
RPCT 106 C "Allowable PIN tries exceeded"
RPCT 107 C "Call for authorization"
RPCT 108 C "Refer to issuer special conditions"
RPCT 109 C "Invalid merchant"
RPCT 110 C "Invalid amount"
RPCT 114 C "Invalid account type"
RPCT 116 C "Not sufficient funds"
RPCT 117 C "Incorrect PIN"
RPCT 118 C "No card record"
RPCT 119 C "Transaction not permitted to cardholder"
RPCT 120 C "Transaction not permitted to terminal"
RPCT 121 C "Exceeds withdrawal amount"
RPCT 122 C "Security violation"
RPCT 123 C "Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit"
RPCT 124 C "Violation of law"
RPCT 129 C "Suspected counterfeit card"
RPCT 130 C "Invalid terminal"
RPCT 131 C "Invalid account number"
RPCT 132 C "Unmatched card expiry date"
RPCT 150 C "Invalid merchant set up"
RPCT 151 C "Activation failed"
RPCT 152 C "Exceeds limit"
RPCT 153 C "Already redeemed"
RPCT 154 C "Over monthly limit"
RPCT 155 C "Recharge amount exceeded"
RPCT 156 C "Max number of recharges exceeded"
RPCT 157 C "Invalid entry"
RPCT 208 C "Lost card"
RPCT 209 C "Stolen card"
RPCT 302 C "Account closed"
RPCT 303 C "Unknown account"
RPCT 304 C "Inactive account"
RPCT 308 C "Already active"
RPCT 311 C "Not lost or stolen"
RPCT 315 C "Bad mag stripe"
RPCT 316 C "Incorrect location"
RPCT 317 C "Max balance exceeded"
RPCT 318 C "Invalid amount"
RPCT 319 C "Invalid clerk"
RPCT 320 C "Invalid password"
RPCT 321 C "Invalid new password"
RPCT 322 C "Exceeded account reloads"
RPCT 323 C "Password retry exceeded"
RPCT 326 C "Incorrect transaction version or format number for POS"
RPCT 327 C "Request not permitted by this account"
RPCT 328 C "Request not permitted by this merchant location"
RPCT 329 C "Bad repay date"
RPCT 330 C "Bad checksum"
RPCT 331 C "Balance not available (denial)"
RPCT 332 C "Account locked"
RPCT 333 C "No previous transaction"
RPCT 334 C "Already reversed"
RPCT 336 C "Bad Authorization ID"
RPCT 337 C "Too many transactions requested"
RPCT 338 C "No transactions available/no more transactions available"
RPCT 339 C "Transaction history not available"
RPCT 340 C "New password required"
RPCT 341 C "Invalid status change"
RPCT 342 C "Void of activation after account activity"
RPCT 343 C "No phone service"
RPCT 344 C "Internet access disabled"
RPCT 355 C "Invalid currency"
RPCT 357 C "Currency conversion error"
RPCT 359 C "The terminal transaction number did not match"
RPCT 367 C "Target embossed card entered and Transaction count entered do not match"
RPCT 368 C "No account link"
RPCT 369 C "Invalid time zone"
RPCT 370 C "Account on hold"
RPCT 372 C "Promo location restricted"
RPCT 373 C "Invalid Card Account"
RPCT 374 C "Product code(s) restricted"
RPCT 375 C "Bad Post Date. The Post Date is not a valid date"
RPCT 376 C "Account status is void lock"
RPCT 377 C "Already active and reloadable"
RPCT 378 C "Account is Purged"
RPCT 380 C "Bulk activation error"
RPCT 381 C "Bulk activation un-attempted error"
RPCT 382 C "Bulk activation package amount error"
RPCT 383 C "Store location zero not allowed"
RPCT 384 C "Account row locked"
RPCT 385 C "Accepted but not yet processed"
RPCT 401 C "Offer Processing Error"
RPCT 402 C "TransArmor Service Unavailable"
RPCT 403 C "TransArmor Invalid Token or Account Number"
RPCT 404 C "TransArmor Key Error"
RPCT 500 C "Decline"
RPCT 501 C "Date of Birth Error for Check Processing"
RPCT 502 C "Invalid State Code"
RPCT 503 C "New Account Information"
RPCT 504 C "Do not try again"
RPCT 505 B "Please retry"
RPCT 506 C "Invalid Checking Account Number"
RPCT 507 C "New Account Information available"
RPCT 508 B "Try again later - Declined"
RPCT 509 C "Do not try again - The card has expired"
RPCT 510 C "New Account Information - The card has expired"
RPCT 511 B "The card has expired. Get the new expiration date and try again."
RPCT 512 C "Service not allowed"
RPCT 513 C "Decline. Transaction not permitted to acquirer or terminal."
RPCT 514 C "Do not try again - There was security violation"
RPCT 515 C "Declined. No term record on First Data system."
RPCT 516 B "Please retry"
RPCT 517 C "CVV2 Declined"
RPCT 518 C "Invalid account/date or sales date in future"
RPCT 519 C "Invalid Effective Date"
RPCT 520 C "Reversal Rejected"
RPCT 521 C "Enter lesser amount"
RPCT 522 C "Cash Back greater than total Transaction amount"
RPCT 523 C "Crypto box is offline"
RPCT 524 C "Debit Switch unavailable"
RPCT 525 C "Debit/EBT network gateway cannot get through to the ISSUER"
RPCT 526 C "Undefined Card"
RPCT 527 C "Network Response indicates that Merchant ID / SE is invalid"
RPCT 528 C "Debit/EBT transaction count exceeds pre-determined limit in specified time/ Withdrawal limit exceeded"
RPCT 529 C "Resubmission of transaction violates debit/EBT network frequency"
RPCT 530 C "The authorizing network has a problem decrypting the cryptogram in the request"
RPCT 532 C "The DUKPT Base Derivation key is missing or incorrect in the PIN pad or PIN key synchronization error"
RPCT 540 C "Edit Honor"
RPCT 541 C "No Savings Account"
RPCT 542 C "DUKPT: An error while processing the PIN block that is not related to the point- of sale equipment"
RPCT 550 C "Invalid Vehicle"
RPCT 551 C "Invalid Driver"
RPCT 552 C "Invalid Product"
RPCT 553 C "Exceeds transaction total limit per product class"
RPCT 554 C "Over daily limit"
RPCT 555 C "Invalid Date/Time"
RPCT 556 C "Exceeds quantity"
RPCT 557 C "Invalid prompt entry"
RPCT 558 C "Invalid Track 2 data"
RPCT 559 C "Voyager ID problem"
RPCT 560 C "Invalid Odometer"
RPCT 561 C "Invalid Restriction Code"
RPCT 562 C "Pay at pump not allowed"
RPCT 563 C "Over fuel limit"
RPCT 564 C "Over cash limit"
RPCT 565 C "Fuel price error"
RPCT 566 C "Y or N required"
RPCT 567 C "Over repair limit"
RPCT 568 C "Over additive limit"
RPCT 569 C "Invalid user"
RPCT 701 A "Approved EMV Key Load"
RPCT 702 C "EMV Key Download Error"
RPCT 703 A "Approved EMV Key Load-more key load data pending"
RPCT 704 C "Pick Up Card"
RPCT 708 A "Honor With Authentication"
RPCT 721 C "Invalid ZIP Code"
RPCT 722 C "Invalid value in the field"
RPCT 723 C "Driver's License or ID is Required"
RPCT 724 C "Referred - Not Active"
RPCT 726 C "Unable to Locate Record On File"
RPCT 727 C "Refer - Call Authorization"
RPCT 728 C "Referred - Skip Trace Info"
RPCT 729 C "Hard Negative Info On File"
RPCT 731 C "Rejected Lost/Stolen Checks"
RPCT 740 C "Totals Unavailable"
RPCT 767 C "Hard Capture; Pick Up"
RPCT 771 C "Amount Too Large"
RPCT 772 C "Duplicate Return"
RPCT 773 C "Unsuccessful"
RPCT 774 C "Duplicate Reversal"
RPCT 775 C "Subsystem Unavailable"
RPCT 776 C "Duplicate Completion"
RPCT 782 C "Count Exceeds Limit"
RPCT 785 A "No reason to decline"
RPCT 790 C "Do not resubmit same transaction but continue billing process in subsequent billing period"
RPCT 791 C "Stop recurring payment requests"
RPCT 792 C "See attendant"
RPCT 801 C "Over merchandise limit"
RPCT 802 C "Imprint card"
RPCT 803 C "Not on file"
RPCT 804 C "Fuel only"
RPCT 805 C "Velocity exceeded"
RPCT 806 C "Authorization ID needed"
RPCT 807 C "Over non-fuel limit"
RPCT 808 C "Invalid location"
RPCT 809 C "Over card velocity count"
RPCT 810 C "Over card velocity amount"
RPCT 811 C "Over issuer velocity count"
RPCT 812 C "Over issuer velocity amount"
RPCT 813 C "Over merchant daily velocity count"
RPCT 814 C "Over merchant daily velocity amount"
RPCT 815 C "Over merchant daily velocity both"
RPCT 816 C "Over merchant product velocity amount"
RPCT 817 C "Over merchant product velocity count"
RPCT 818 C "Over merchant product velocity both"
RPCT 819 C "Over chain daily velocity count"
RPCT 820 C "Over chain daily velocity amount"
RPCT 821 C "Over chain daily velocity both"
RPCT 822 C "Over chain product velocity count"
RPCT 823 C "Over chain product velocity both"
RPCT 824 C "Over chain product velocity amount"
RPCT 825 C "No chain ID for chain merchant"
RPCT 826 C "Signature required"
RPCT 902 C "Invalid transaction"
RPCT 904 C "Format error"
RPCT 906 C "System Error"
RPCT 907 C "Card issuer or switch inoperative"
RPCT 908 C "Transaction destination not found"
RPCT 909 C "System malfunction"
RPCT 911 C "Card issuer timed out"
RPCT 913 C "Duplicate transaction"
RPCT 914 C "Original Authorization was not found"
RPCT 915 C "Timeout Reversal not supported. Resend the original transaction"
RPCT 920 B "Security H/W or S/W error - try again"
RPCT 921 C "Security H/W or S/W error"
RPCT 923 C "Request in progress"
RPCT 924 C "Limit check failed"
RPCT 940 C "Error"
RPCT 941 C "Invalid issuer"
RPCT 942 C "Customer cancellation"
RPCT 944 C "Invalid response"
RPCT 950 C "Violation of business arrangement"
RPCT 954 C "CCV failed"
RPCT 958 C "CCV2 failed"
RPCT 959 C "CAV failed"
RPCT 963 C "Acquirer channel unavailable"


First Data North Response Codes 

respproc respcode respstat resptext
FNOR 00 A "Approval"
FNOR 10 A "Partial Approval"
FNOR 76 A "Reversed"
FNOR 85 A "Validated"
FNOR 01 C "Refer to issuer"
FNOR 03 C "Invalid merchant"
FNOR 05 C "Do not honor"
FNOR 12 C "Invalid transaction"
FNOR 13 C "Invalid amount"
FNOR 14 C "Invalid card number"
FNOR 25 C "Invalid terminal"
FNOR 28 B "Please retry"
FNOR 51 C "Declined"
FNOR 54 C "Wrong expiration"
FNOR 55 C "Incorrect pin"
FNOR 57 C "Invalid txn for card"
FNOR 60 C "Declined" # Capture card
FNOR 61 C "Exceeds withdrawal limit"
FNOR 63 C "Service not allowed"
FNOR 69 C "Host key error"
FNOR 75 C "Pin try exceeded"
FNOR 89 C "Invalid Term ID"
FNOR 91 B "System error"
FNOR 94 C "Duplicate tran"
FNOR C2 C "CVV decline"
FNOR CE C "System problem"
FNOR N3 C "Invalid Account"
FNOR NG C "Reversal rejected"
FNOR NH C "Enter lesser amt"
FNOR NI C "Pin decrypt error"
FNOR NK C "Crypto box offline"
FNOR NL B "Debit switch down"
FNOR NM C "Issuer unavailable" # Debit cards
FNOR NN C "Bad debit card"
FNOR NP C "Bad debit merchant"
FNOR NQ C "Tran limit exceeded"
FNOR NR C "Tran freq exceeded"
FNOR NS C "Error decrypting pin"
FNOR NU C "Insufficient funds"
FNOR RW C "Reversal outside window"

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