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OverviewWhat are we talking about?

The Owner Balance Report generates a list of owner accounts with either/or an open account balance or a positive store credit balance. 

To generate this report navigate to the Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports: Owner Balance Report. 


Helpful Hint: Before you begin.

  • This report is only viewable to those with the user permissions access financial reports turned on. To check user group permissions for financial reporting, navigate to Book Icon » Groups, and search for "Can View Financial Reports"


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Reporting Parameters



Setting Description Helpful Hint

If you have multiple facility locations, make sure to specify at which location you would like to view Owner Debt data. 

Include Open Balance? Check this box if you'd like to see current balances for your customers.  This will add an extra column if selected. To remove this column from the report, uncheck the Include Open Balance Box. 
Include Store Credit? Check this box if you'd like to generate a list of customers with store credit currently in their accounts.  This will also add an extra column. Uncheck the Include Store Credit box to remove this from your report. 



Report Results




Setting Description Helpful Hint
Total Store Credit

If the "include store credit?" box is checked this will report on the total amount of store credit an account across all owners. 

Total Open Invoices

If the "include open balance" box is checked this will report on the total amount of outstanding balances across all owners. 


View Payment History - file-invoice-dollar-solid.svg 

Add Balance to Cart - cart-plus-solid.svg

The option to add balance to the cart is only available on open balances. 


Owner's first and last name 

Click on the owner to be redirected to their profile!
Home Location

The owner's assigned home location. 

Contact Info

Owner's phone number and email address

# of Reservations

Total number of scheduled and completed reservations on the owner's profile

Last Reservation 

Date and Time of the last reservation completed on the owner's profile 

Card on File 

x = no card on file 

✓ = card on file 

Total Balance 

The total open balance on the owner's account

Available Credit 

The total amount of store credit on the owner's account. 



Exporting and Sharing with Customers: 

To save this report, click the Print PDF button. This will pull up the report in a separate tab, which you can then download to save on your device. 

If you would like to add this list of customers to an email or SMS campaign, click the Add To Campaign button at the top of the generated report.





  1. If a customer asks you for itemized receipts, you can find those under the Invoices tab on their owner page. Use the POS Transaction numbers as a reference.



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