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A group class is a series of (dog/animal) training classes with pre-set dates. In this article, you will learn how to set up and create group classes. 

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Helpful Hints:

  • Group classes in Gingr are designed to create a reservation per class. Pets should be checked in and out of each group class completed. 

  • All admin users have access to the admin page controlling these settings. Additionally, admin users are able to delegate this particular admin page to other user groups. Non-admin users with access to this page will be able to make edits that affect all locations in the app. For more information see our article on User Groups and Permissions.

  • For customers to enroll in group classes from the customer portal, you will need to ensure the booking category is added to the portal. Navigate to Admin » Portal Customization and under "Request Links" at the bottom of the page, add a new request link with the button URL being /front_end/group_class_register if it is not there already. For more information see our article on Service Request Links (Customer Portal 2.0) or Service Request Links (Legacy).

Video Tutorial: 


Preparing to Create a Group Class

Create a Reservation Type

You will need to create a unique Reservation Type for each Group Class type that you offer. For example, Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Agility, etc. This reservation type can be re-used as you continue offering the same series at different dates and times. 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Types and Services Configuration. 
  2. Select the Group Class Booking Category 
  3. Select "+ Group Training Class Type" 
  4. Name your Group Class. For this example, we'll name the group class Puppy Manners - Training Class.
  5. Click Save. 


To learn more about creating Reservation Types, click here: Creating Reservation Types


Set a Rate

We will need to set a rate for each class session. This rate will be what each credit is worth within the package you've created or what it costs for each session of this type of class if you are not using a package.

Example: We have set up our class so that it has 5 sessions. The total cost of the package created was $125. So, you would divide the total cost by the number of sessions in order to get the rate of $25 per class. This will ensure that the system calculates the revenue correctly and the credits deduct correctly. To set the rate for each class session: 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Location Default Rates.
  2. Select the location
  3. Find the group class reservation type
  4. Set the price for each session. We'll utilize a Puppy Training Class for this scenario:



Create a Package 

To track class usage and class payment we will utilize the package feature in Gingr. Customers can purchase the package through the customer portal at the time of enrollment to pay for the program. 
Important! When creating a package for an open enrollment group class, only assign a quantity of 1 credit. Customers will be prompted to purchase a package for each group class date they are enrolled in. 
  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Packages & Subscriptions.
  2. Click the Add Package button.

 To learn more about packages click here.

Setting up a Group Class
Now that we have all the components that make up a group class, we can create the availability for classes. 

Create a Group Class

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Group Classes.
  2. Click the New Group Class button.


Field Guide

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Location  Select the correct location for the group class  
Reservation Type Choose the reservation type for the group class If you do not have a reservation type created for the group class click here
Package Type Choose the package type for the group class If you do not have a package type created for the group class click here
User Choose a user that will be responsible for this group class. When a user is assigned to a group class, an event will appear on the facility calendar with that users' name, and any specialties they perform will show an unavailable during the class sessions.
Commission  Enter a flat dollar commission amount that the user selected should receive for this class. This flat rate is per animal per class series (if series-based) or per class date (if open enrollment), paid out after each pet is checked out for their first reservation in the class.  Commission is assigned to the user assigned to the class after the first class session is checked out. The flat amount of the commission will be listed on the commission report next to the user's name, for each pet that is checked out.
Name  Name your group class here. We recommend including the dates and time of the group class in the title. 

Example: Basic Obedience - Friday @ 5:00pm (6/15-8/3)
Capacity Enter the maximum number of dogs who can enroll in the class. This will apply to each class date. (Capacity can be overridden later if you wish.)  
Open Enrollment

When enabled, the user enrolling a pet into the group class will be able to choose which dates they want to attend the group class when enrolling the pet.

If a package is assigned to the group class, the system will add the number of class dates selected as packages to the shopping cart. 

If open enrollment is enabled, the package associated with the class should only have 1 credit.
Should Customer Purchase Package in Portal?

If enabled, customers will be prompted to purchase the associated package to pre-pay for the program.  

This setting makes it so the purchase of the package is required before the customer can fully enroll in the group class. Applies to customer portal 2.0 only.
Description Enter a description for the group class, here! This will appear on your Group Class Page. You can add a photo to the description, after the text.


Create a Class Schedule

After saving the initial class info, a panel will appear where you will set up the class schedule. 


Field Guide

Setting Description
Date Enter the first day of class. 
Start Time Enter the start time of the class. 
End Date (if this session spans more than one date) The end date should be the same as the start date. 
End Time Enter the end time of the class. 
How Often? Enter how often the group will meet. 
  • Every Week
  • Every Other Week
  • Every Month
How many sessions in a series?  Enter how many times the group will meet. 


Your newly created class will now appear on the Group Classes page at Left-hand Navigation: Reservations » Group Classes and customers will be able to request enrollment through the customer portal.

Editing Classes

Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Group Classes.

Edit Class Info:

To edit your class name, description, location, reservation type, or package, click the Edit button within the class from Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Group Classes.



Edit or Add Class Schedules:

To edit an existing schedule for a session within your series, click the Pencil icon to the right of the session. To delete a session, click the Trashcan icon.Screen_Shot_2020-04-06_at_1.45.05_PM.png

To add more sessions, click the Add Class Schedule button.


Duplicating Classes

If you will offer the same series of classes on later dates, you can duplicate an existing class by clicking the Duplicate button.


A panel will appear, asking you to enter the date of the first session in the new series. Based on this date and the schedule of the class being duplicated, a schedule for the new series will be created. We'll enter 01/03/202020 for this example:


The new series will appear with the word Copy.


You will want to edit the new series title to reflect the new dates series.



Disabling and Enabling Classes

If you created a class you no longer wish to offer or you are not ready to have customers enroll in it, you may disable it by clicking the Disable button.


Once disabled, you can re-enable it by clicking the Show Disabled button at the top of the page, then clicking the Enable button within the class.


Disabled classes will not appear on your Group Classes enrollment page, on the business or customer sides of the app.


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