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Overview: What are we talking about?

A Group Class is a series of training classes with pre-set dates. When you enroll a customer, they can optionally pay for the entire series of classes upfront using a package. If you enroll them over the phone, you can either take payment over the phone, or you can charge the class to their account by selecting the Check Out With No Payment button at checkout. The balance due will be added to the customer's account, so they can pay when they arrive in person. In this article, you will learn how to view group classes, enroll customers, and take payment.

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Helpful Hint: 
Before you begin.

  • Before using Group Classes, you will need to configure them. Please be sure to read this article: Setting Up Group Classes

  • To allow a customer to enroll in a Group Class from the Customer Portal, you must have the Show on Customer Side setting turned on.

How to: Use Group Classes.

Viewing Group Classes 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reservations » Group Classes.

  2. Select from FutureCurrent, or Past Classes.


  3. Choose a class name to navigate to the group class page you would like to view.

  4. View the Details of the class:

    • Class name and description.
    • Location and when the group class is offered.
    • Who is currently enrolled in the class.




Enroll a Pet in a Group Class 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reservations » Group Classes.

  2. Select from Future or Current Classes.

  3. On the Group Class page, type to Select Pet(s): you can select one or more pets from the same owner.


  4. Click the Enroll Now button.

  5. Confirm enrollment details, and click Enroll in Class!  If the class you are enrolling is an open enrollment class, you will select the dates the pet will attend on this screen by clicking them on the calendar. 
  6. You will be navigated to the Cart to complete payment. Click $ Check Out.

  7. Select Payment Method and click Check Out with Payment to complete enrollment. This action adds the package for the group class to the customers profile and creates reservations for each session of the Group Class on the animals profile. It will also add the animal to the list of enrollee's on the group classes page.

    You may select Check Out With No Payment to add the class balance to the customer's account if, for example, you are enrolling them over the phone and the customer plans to pay in person later.

    If your group class is not associated to a package, you will not be navigated to the cart to complete enrollment and take payment. Instead, customers will pay after each session.



Un-Enroll a Pet from a Group Class 

Un-enrolling a pet from a group class is a 2-step process. 

  1. Navigate to the Group Classes page at Left-hand Navigation: Reservations » Group Classes.

  2. Find the class the pet is enrolled in and click the red x next to their name

  3. You will be prompted to optionally select a cancellation reason

  4. Next, you will be asked if you want to refund the package if there is one associated with the group class. If yes, you will be directed to the receipt to process the refund.



Enrolling in a Group Class from the Customer Portal 

Your customers can request enrollment for Group Classes from the Customer portal.

Important! The Current section of group classes will only display/allow enrollment for Open Enrollment classes. If a non-open-enrollment class has already begun, customers cannot register themselves on the portal. 

They can do so by following these directions: 

  1. Log in to the customer portal for your app.

  2. Click the My Reservations Tab on the top action bar.

  3. Select Request Services. Then, select the Group Class request option from the pop-up.


  4. Select the Group Class.

  5. Select their pet and click the Request Enrollment button.

  6. Once enrolled, a success message will appear.


Upon the customer requesting the group class, Gingr will:

  1. Create the first reservation in the group class series.

  2. This will appear as a reservation request on the dashboard for that animal.

  3. When the business accepts the request the system will:

    • Create the rest of the reservations in the series (they will be approved/confirmed)

    • Send out the group class enrollment email/SMS

    • Show a popup asking if the employee would like to add the package to the class to their cart for sale 

You can configure user groups to receive a notification when customers submit new Group Class Enrollment requests. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups and turn on the Notification: Group Class Enrollment Request permission.

    • This permission can be local to only locations where the request was submitted or can be global, meaning a notification will display at all locations when a customer requests. 
    • For more information see our article on App Notifications


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