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Making a Reservation

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Overview: What are we talking about? 

Within Gingr, every time a pet is checked in and out, this is considered a reservation. Reservations sometimes have additional services and there are several details you will need to review while booking. Depending on the type of additional service you need to add, if these are booked with a specialist, you can instead visit our article on Scheduling an Appointment and book from the New Appointment page. 
Reservations are created on the New Reservation page, which can be accessed from several places. New reservations are also created when you check a pet in using Quick Check In. This article goes through the steps involved in creating a new reservation. 


This article includes:

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin

  • For more information on editing an existing reservation please see our article about Editing Reservations.

  • If you use the quick check-in for a pet that already has a reservation booked for today, then they
    will be checked in for the existing reservation, rather than your system's default quick check-in reservation type.


Video Tutorial: An overview of making reservations



Where to: Make a reservation

From the Left Navigation: Under the clock icon is an option for New Reservation
From the Search Bar Results: 



From the Full Search Results Page:
When searching, hit Enter/Return on your keyboard to navigate to the Search Page with full results. Click the Actions Menu to select +New Reservation.



From the Animal Profile Page: 



From the OwnerProfile Page: 




How to: Create a New Reservation

Once you navigate to the New Reservation page you will need to fill out several details. 

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 4.36.02 PM.png

Details Tab

Fill out the first tab on the New Reservation page using the following Field Guide:

Setting Description Helpful Hint

The selected location determines the services that will display.

If your facility has multiple locations, be careful to choose the correct one. 
Type Use the drop-down menu to choose the Reservation Type Reservation types are controlled from the Reservation Types and Services Configuration page. For more information please see our article on Creating Reservation Types.
Pet Enter the pet you would like to book. You can book multiple pets from the same family if they are booking the same reservation type for the same start and end dates/times. 

Icons, total reservation count, and photos are displayed in the search bar.

A red shield icon by a pet's name indicates that their immunization records are expired or missing.

Confirm Reservation? Select this box if you want to confirm the reservation now. If selected, Gingr will not require the customer to confirm this reservation in the future.

Unconfirmed reservations show on the Unconfirmed tab of the dashboard, from where you can send confirmation request emails.

Optionally, you can have the system automatically check this box from the System Email Admin page.

Wait List? Select this box to add the reservation to the Wait List. For more information please see our article on Using the Wait List.

If one or more days of the reservation are at capacity, you will have the option to add the reservation to the waitlist.

You may also be prompted to add to the waitlist if the pet has expired immunizations, unsigned agreements, or other capacity restrictions. 

Start/ End Dates & Times Enter the Start and End dates and times of the reservation. The available times are dictated by the default start and end times in your app, as well as the Hours of Operation settings that are set up for this reservation type. 

The Override hours? button will appear if you have the user permission "can override hours of operation." This will allow you to book times outside of your hours of operation, but not outside of your default times.

Intervals, or how frequently the times display, are controlled from the Reservation Types and Services Configuration page for each reservation type.

Add Recurring Dates Clicking this button displays a drop-down where you can set up reservations on a repeating schedule. 

If you need to add services to each reservation, you will need to add the service for each date.

For more information please see our article on Making Recurring Reservations.

Add Another Reservation Click this button to add additional dates and times. The Details of the reservation (Location, Reservation Type, & Pet) must remain the same. If you need to add services to each reservation, you will need to add the service for each date.

Additional Services Tab

Click on the Additional Services tab to add any desired additional services and service options/add-ons to the reservation. You can add as many additional services as needed. If you are booking multiple dates and/or multiple pets, you will need to add additional services for each separate reservation. 

Important! Services with the green checkmark are Default Services for this reservation type, meaning they are automatically added to the reservation at the specified frequency. 



Adding an Unscheduled Service:

  1. Click the service header.
  2. Optionally, choose any relevant service options and add service notes.
  3. Set the price if there is no base rate or if the base rate needs to be changed.
  4. Click Add to Reservation.


Adding a Scheduled Service:

  1. Click the service header.
  2. Optionally, choose any relevant service options and add service notes.
  3. Change the duration if needed.
  4. Choose a frequency option for the service under the When would you like to add this service? section. There are a variety of frequency options you can configure for the service.
  5. If Once is selected, you will need to enter the date to add the service. You can also change the time of the service if needed.
    If another frequency option is chosen, such as Every Day, then the services will populate on the reservations details page for each applicable day after you save the reservation.
  6. Set the price if there is no base rate or if the base rate needs to be changed.
  7. Click Add to Reservation.


Adding Appointment-Based Services:

  1. Click the service header.
  2. Optionally, choose any relevant service options and add service notes.
  3. Select Who would you like to book with? or, if any specialist is desired, click Which Date?
  4. Click the applicable specialist's name. If only one specialist is configured to do the service then their appointment availability will be automatically displayed. 
  5. Select a time or slot appointment to add the service to the reservation. 



Lodging Tab

Gingr will automatically choose a Lodging if the lodging has a weight capacity set for it and the pet's weight is set, or if the lodging has a number of pet capacity set up. You can keep the automatic assignment or update them.

To assign lodgings, click the + button to book the same lodging across all dates of the reservation. Alternatively, click on individual bed icons to select different lodgings for each date of the reservation.

For more information on assigning lodgings, please see our article about Assigning Lodgings to Reservations.


When creating a reservation for multiple pets, if Lodge Together is selected, you will choose one Lodging per day of stay for ALL pets. Click the button to select the same lodging for all days of the reservation, or click individual bed icons for each day. 

All Animals shows the cumulative weight of all animals that are being lodged together. In this case, all three dogs' weight is 90 pounds cumulatively.


If Lodge Together is not selected, you will choose Lodgings for the pets individually and will be shown each animal's individual weight in the animal's Lodging header.




Add any notes that you would like staff to see for this reservation. From Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Form, you can customize what notes fields display as well as control which are hidden from customers. For more information on editing this section please see our article on how to Set Up the Reservation Form.

If booking multiple pets you will be able to leave separate notes for each pet. 



Estimate Tab

You can optionally generate an estimate for the reservation. Click on the Estimate tab, and then again on the Generate Estimate button.

From the estimate tab users have the ability to refresh the estimate in the event any changes have been made to the appointment by clicking the circular arrow icon.The estimate can also be sent the customer by clicking the paper plane icon.

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 4.38.42 PM.png
The Estimate tab is also where promotions can be applied to a reservation. To add a promotion to a reservation, simply select the promotion you wish to apply from the drop-down menu entitled Select a Promotion. Then, click +Apply on the right-hand side.

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 4.51.30 PM.png

Once the promotion has been applied, the estimate will be updated to reflect the promotion. The new rate for the reservation or additional service after the applied promotion is taken into account will be shown in red. The name of the promotion will also be visible as well as the promotion's expiration date.

Deposits Tab

If your app is configured to collect deposits for the selected date(s) and reservation type, then this section will be pre-populated with that amount. You can customize this amount at any time, including after the reservation is saved. 

For more information, please see our article on Using Deposits

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 4.48.14 PM.png


Saving the Reservation 

Click Save to complete booking the reservation.

If the reservation saves successfully, you will receive a green success message and a link to the reservation details page. 


If a deposit was applied, you will be prompted to collect it at this time. 



If you receive an error saving (such as a capacity alert, lodgings not selected, expired/missing immunizations, unsigned agreements, or incomplete details) you will be presented with a few options.

You can click Change Date(s) which will take you back to the reservation creation page and allow you to change any reservation details.

You can add the reservation to the waitlist by clicking Add to Wait List

If your User Group has permission to do so, you may be able to click Override & Create. If this option is not present it is because you do not have permission to override the specific error type. For more information please see our article on User Groups.




How to: Perform a Quick Check In

The Quick Check In is ideal for walk-ins and when you have many pets to check in for a select reservation type, such as daycare. You can quickly create and check in a reservation while the facility is busy, and then edit the reservation details later when you have more time.  

If using this function from the search bar, only one reservation type can be the Quick Check in default as set on Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Reservation Types and Services Configuration » Reservation Settings » Check In Options » Is this type the quick check in default type?.


Quick Check In from the Search Bar:

  1. Search for the pet you would like to check in in the search bar.
  2. Click the furthest right button to instantly check the pet in for the default reservation type.



Quick Check In With Multiple Pets & Varying Reservation Types:

  1. Click the Quick Check In button in the upper left section of your Dashboard.
  2. On the Quick Check In Panel, Choose the Reservation Type.
  3. Choose the Animal(s) names. You can check in one or several pets at once.
  4. Make any necessary updates to the Reservation Type, End Date, and End Time
  5. Click Add to check in the animal(s) and instantly create their reservation(s). You will get a success message and the pets will now be listed in the Checked In section of your Dashboard.


Note: if you have Check In Questions set up for a particular reservation type, they will NOT come up automatically when using Quick Check In. To answer the questions, click the little i icon next to the pet's name. You can view or edit your answers at any time by clicking the icon. 

FAQ: Check this out!

Why am I getting an error message?

You may receive any number of error messages if there are potential conflicts with the reservation. Please read these messages carefully and follow the prompts. Depending on your user permissions, you may have the ability to override these errors and create the reservation. Some examples of errors you may be alerted to:
  • The pet's vaccinations are expired or will be at the time of the reservation
  • lodging has not been selected for each date of the reservation
  • The customer has not signed the required agreements for the reservation type
  • Capacity has been reached for one or more dates of the reservation

What about Deposits?

If a deposit is required for the reservation, upon selecting the reservation type and dates, you will get a notification and there will also be a Deposit tab on the New Reservation page. Click on the Deposit tab to view the deposit details. 

If you have the user permission can edit deposit amounts, you can override a percent or dollar-based deposit. If not overridden, Gingr will estimate the total cost of the reservation (including attached services) and calculate the percent-based deposit.

For more information please see our article on Using Deposits.




The times in my time pickers are not correct. How can I fix this?

If the times are wrong in your time pickers on your New or Edit Reservation page, please check the settings below.


Default Start and End Times?
The range of times displayed in the time pickers on your New Reservation (and Edit Reservation) page are controlled by your default start time and default end time settings, which are configured at Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Hours of Operation. 
The times in the time pickers are also affected by the configured system-wide and location-specific time zones at Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Hours of Operation.


How do I change my Hours of Operation?

Your Hours of Operation settings control the times you and customers are allowed to pick within the range in the time pickers. These settings are per reservation type and per day of week. If there are times in your time pickers that are grayed out so you cannot select them, you can edit those specific hours and/or dates at Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Hours of Operation.

For more information on changing Hours of Operation, please see our article on Hours of Operation.



How do I override Hours of Operation?

If a user is in a user group that has the Can Override Hours of Operation setting turned on, they have the ability to override the Hours of Operation settings on the New Reservation and Edit Reservation page.
For more information on User Permissions and User Groups, please see here: User Groups



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