Making Recurring Reservations

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Overview: What are we talking about?

The Recurring Reservations feature allows you to repeat a reservation at an interval you set. Most characteristics of the base reservation's details, such as reservation type, Confirm Reservation, times, duration, additional services etc., will apply to each recurring reservation. If Lodgings must be assigned, they are chosen for each reservation (or all together).

This article includes:

Helpful Hints: Before you begin.
  • If you are creating recurring reservations for boardingonly select the day of week the recurring reservation starts on.

How to: Make a Recurring Reservation.
To create recurring (repeating) reservations for a pet, please start on the New Reservation page: Left-hand Navigation: Reservations » New Reservation.
Basic Reservation Details:
Enter the basic information of the base reservation in the Details section. This will be the first reservation in the series.
  1. Click the Add Recurring Dates button.


  2. Select the days of the week: In the add recurring dates widget, select the days of week the recurring reservations should begin on.

  3. Choose an end date: Click into the Until field to select a date when the recurring reservations will stop, or type a number for the number of reservations that should recur, in the # of Reservations field.


  4. After clicking the Add Dates button, a blue confirmation box will appear, letting you know how many reservations you are creating and when the last date of the last reservation is. If you want to view all of the dates you added, click the Show Recurring Dates button.


    If you need to remove any of the individual dates (reservation date ranges), click the red x.


    If you need to add individual dates, click the Add Another Reservation button.




Additional Services:
You can optionally  add Services in the Additional Services section when creating a recurring reservation. The services will be attached to each of the reservations at whatever frequency you select.

Important! If you are adding services to recurring Daycare reservations, do not select any frequency for services other than Once or Every Day. The system will not add your service every other recurring reservation or every third reservation. If you select Once, choose the date in the base reservation.


If the reservation type requires a Lodging assignment, click into the Lodging section. All date ranges you have created will appear in the lodging picker, separated by gray bars. A lodging for the first date range may have been pre-selected, displaying in green.
You can select the same lodging for all dates by clicking the + icon for the lodging, in the far right of the picker. To select lodgings for dates individually, click the bed icon in any of the lodging cells.
If there are any conflicts with any lodging selections for the given dates, a panel will appear, telling you which dates. The dates will also display red in the picker. If you have many dates in the picker, scroll right to see all of them.


Recurring Boarding Stays
For instances where an animal will be boarding certain days of the week on a recurring basis (e.g. Boarding and Train reservations on weekdays only), there are a few important things to note: 
  • Start Date will be the first date of the recurring reservation.

  • End Date must be the end date of the first week of the recurring reservation.

  • Which days of the week? must be the first day only the animal is expected to arrive each week.


If any of the reservations you are creating fall within Deposit Dates date ranges, deposit requirements will automatically apply to those reservations, unless overridden by deposits you add to these reservations. If you type an amount in the the Amount field in the Deposits section, a deposit in that amount will apply to each reservation you are creating.




Saving and Error Messages

Your recurring reservations will not save until you click the Save button at the bottom of the page. Any number of error messages may appear, letting you know there are conflicts. Some error messages can be overridden if you have the needed user permissions. If you do not have permission to override, you will have to correct the errors before saving.

One error message you might receive is when a pet already has a reservation on certain dates. If you get this error message, you can:

  • Continue Anyway - which will result in more than one reservation for this pet on that day.

  • Cancel These Reservation(s) - which will cancel the reservations previously booked in the system, replacing them with this one.



Once you successfully save the reservations, you will get a green success bubble and a green box with links to each reservation.


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