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Overview: What are we talking about?

Payment Methods are the different forms of payment that you accept at your facility, such as Cash, Check, Credit Card, Square, etc. In this article, we will show you how to set up your payment methods and manage all associated settings.


This article includes:


Helpful Hint: Before you begin. 

  • Only users in the Admin User Group can set up and manage Payment Methods.
  • Packages are not payment methods. When you check a customer out using package credits, the system will choose the No Payment payment method.  

Set it Up: Let's get started.  

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Payments » Payment Methods.
  2. Click +Add button.
  3. Use the below Field Guide to help you set up your payment method.
  4. Click Save. 


Field Guide

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Type This is the name of the payment method, as it will appear in your app and on receipts.  
Processor Only use this field if you are already set up with our credit card payment processing (CardConnect or Gingr Payments). If you input a payment processor here, this payment method will provide you with credit card entry fields at checkout or when otherwise taking payment.   
Zero Payment Methods If set to"yes/on" this payment method will automatically be used in Quick Checkout transactions and where an invoice is opened without payment.  Important!
This setting should only be enabled for the No Payment method, and only one zero payment method can exist.
Open Cash Drawer/Print Modal If you participate in the PrintNode integration, and this setting is turned on, when this payment method is used, a panel will open upon checkout, allowing: users who have the appropriate permissions to trigger the cash drawer and, all users to print a receipt directly to a connected printer.  
Is this payment method active?
Show change calculator
Enabling this setting will display the change calculator during checkout.
Protected payment method
If enabled, only users with permission can apply payments using this payment method.
A users ability to use a Protected Payment Method is managed by their Group Permissions. For more information on Group Permissions, click here


Zero Payment Method:

The Zero Payment payment method is used by the system when an invoice is opened without taking payment. It is also used for transactions where the total is $0 (as in, when packages are applied). 

The Zero Payment payment method is used by the system automatically when you check out a customer with the 'Quick Checkout' feature and when the customer is paying with package credits.

Important! Your application can only have one "Zero Payment" method and, to avoid confusion in your reporting, it is generally advised that you keep this single payment method as the "No Payment" payment method that was shipped with your application.

Important! Do not use Zero Payment for Cash, Check, Credit Card, Donation, Admin, etc.


ADMIN (Credit/Comped):

It is generally advised that you have a payment method that is used in the case that you need to comp a customer after their invoice has been opened, or in the case where you are putting store credit on their account without taking payment from them. When you run your revenue report, payments made with this method (and the invoice charges that the payment was applied to) will be seen on the revenue report. 
In practice, we always recommend using a Coupon to comp charges for a customer, as using a coupon will reduce the invoice charges and require less work for you on your Revenue Reporting. If you don't have one already, we recommend setting up a 100% (or other common "comp" amounts) coupon to use for this purpose. This article has more information on setting up coupons.
Important! DO NOT set the ADMIN - Credit Comped payment method to 'Zero Payment.'

Protected Payment Method:

Utilize this setting when creating a Payment Method that should only be available for users with specific permissions, such as managers and admins. 
User Permissions:
Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Users to manage a user's user groups. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups to manage group permissions. 
Setting Description Helpful Hint
Can Open Cash Drawer If enabled (set to 'yes/on'), user can open the cash drawer at any time.  
Can Open Cash Drawer Checkout  If enabled (set to 'yes/on'), user can open the cash drawer only while performing a checkout transaction.  
Can Check Out With Protected Payment Methods If enabled, the users in this group will be able to use protected payment methods in the cart.   


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