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Using Notices and Events

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Overview: What are we talking about? 

The Daily Notices feature allows you to keep important communications top-of-mind by putting them right where your staff will look the most. You can:

  • Create notices for things such as: a reminder for your staff to ask customers a specific question, or to notify your team about an illness that is spreading around the facility. 

  • Share these notices with those who need to know by tagging the whole team with one click, or picking and choosing specific team members. The team members you tag will see the notice on their dashboard when they log in. 

  • Pin these notices to the dashboard to keep them on the Dashboard until they expire.  A pinned notice can be marked as read by other users, but only the creator (or user with the "can delete daily notices" user permission) can remove it from the dashboard prior to it's  end date.

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin. 

  • Notices appear both on the Dashboard, and on the Facility Calendar.

  • They will follow these rules:

    • no users tagged, not pinned: displays for all users for the duration of the notice or until marked as read

    • no users tagged, pinned: displays for all users for the duration of the notice even if marked as read

    • user/s tagged, unpinned: displays for tagged users for the duration of the notice or until marked as read

    • user/s tagged, pinned: displays for tagged users for the duration of the notice even if marked as read
  • A pin icon means that the notice has been pinned, which means it will appear on the dashboard for all users until it is expired.

  • In order to create a notice for multiple locations, you must have the Can Change Home Location user permission enabled.  Any user who does not have this permission will only be able to create notices for their user account's home location.

  • In order to delete a daily notice or calendar event, the user must have the can delete events/daily notices user permission.



How to: Use Notices and Events.


Viewing Daily Notices and Calendar Events

From the Dashboard:

Notices are located in the first tab so they are the first thing you see when you log in to Gingr. Click More to expand to a more detailed view:



Click the speech bubbles icon to view comments and comment on the notice. Users who have been tagged in the notice and who are involved in the comment thread will receive in-app notifications when new comments are left.

On the detailed view of a Notice/Event you can:

  • View the full body of text and see all details of the event.

  • Add a comment in the "type your message here..." box and click +Add Comment.

  • Click View Calendar button to see the event on the Facility Calendar.



On the Dashboard, a pop-up can be optionally displayed for unread notices. This will ensure that, even if a staff member does not open the Notices tab, they will be alerted to any unread notices that they are tagged in. This can be configured in your System-Wide Settings.



From the Facility Calendar:

You can view notices along with all reservations and services. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Calendar » Facility Calendar. From here you can:

  • Click on the event name to navigate to the detailed view of this event (as shown above).


  • Click Hide Reservations and Hide Services to toggle to view only events/notices in the All Day events section of the Calendar. You can optionally select Hide Events/Notices to remove them from the calendar view.


Creating Daily Notices

Every Gingr user has the ability to create notices and events. To create a new daily notice:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard: Notices » Down Arrows » Add Event/Notice.


  2. Enter Location(s): If your business has multiple locations, be sure to choose the correct location(s).

  3. Enter Title: This is the notice's headline.

  4. Enter a Description: This is the main body of text that staff will read.

  5. Select Start and End Dates: this is the date range that the notice will remain on the dashboard and facility calendar.

  6. Select a custom color for this notice.

  7. Pin to Dashboard? Check this box if you want the notice to remain on the dashboard until it's expiration date, regardless of if users mark it as read. Pinning the notice will put it on the dashboard for all users for the duration of the notice.

  8. Tag All or Select specific staff members. Each person you tag will see this notice on their dashboard. (Note that the notice will be visible to everybody on the Facility Calendar.

  9. Click Create Event to save the notice.


Editing Daily Events/Notices

Every Gingr user has the ability to edit notices and events. There are a couple of ways to access the Edit page:

  • From the Dashboard, click More. 


  • Or from the Facility Calendar click on the event's title.



  1. Click the Edit Event/Notice button.


  2. Make your changes. When finished click Update Event.



Deleting Daily Events/Notices

From the Dashboard:

Click the Actions menu and select Delete Notice:



Facility Calendar:

Click on any notice (or the one you want to delete), and then the View Upcoming Events/Notices at the top. From here, you can Delete a notice.






The Daily Notices and Calendar Events features are fully ready to use. There are just a few user permissions to set up. In order to manage user permissions, you must be in the Admin user group which has the user permissions can edit user groups and can manage group permissions.


User Permissions:

Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups.

Setting Description Helpful Hint
Email Notifications If set to yes/on, these users will receive each of their notifications via email (notifications within 30 minutes of each other are grouped into one email). When users are tagged on a daily notice or calendar event, and when a comment is left on a notice/event they are tagged in, they will receive an email notification.  
SMS Notifications If set to yes/on, these users will receive each of their notifications via text message. If set to yes/on, when users are tagged on a daily notice or calendar event, and when a comment is left on a notice/event they are tagged in, they will receive a text message notification.  
Can Delete Notices/Events If set yes/on, these users can delete events and notices.  
Can Change Home Location If set to yes/on, these users will be able to create a daily notice for multiple locations at the same time.  If a user does not have this permission (set to no/off), then then any notice they create will only be for their user account's home location.


System-Wide Settings:

Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Dashboard Customization.



Setting Description Helpful Hint
Show Dashboard Notices Alert If set to yes/on, when loading the dashboard, a pop-up will appear displaying the title of each daily notice the user is tagged in, which they have not yet read.  


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