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Marking a Service as Complete

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Overview: What are we talking about?

In Gingr, you can mark services as complete, to help you track which services have been done and which have not. In the event you mark a service as complete in error, you can "un-complete" the service by clicking the checkbox again.

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • There is a setting on the Admin » Check Out Options page called charge for incomplete services. If enabled, services are still charged for at checkout even if the service has not yet been marked as complete. If disabled, services must be marked as complete in order to carry charges.    

How-to: Mark a service as complete.

From the Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Checked In section of Dashboard and click on a service in the Services column of the reservation you are updating.

  2. Click the checkmark to mark this service as complete.  


    Note: You will receive a green Success message at the bottom of the screen to indicate that this service has been marked as complete. 


From the New Facility Calendar

  1. When viewing the New Facility Calendar you are able to quickly view the icons to know if a service has been completed. Here is a photo of those icons and what they mean:                                          
  2. From there you will find the appointment that you would like to mark as complete on the facility calendar, click on it, then click on details:


  3. The Appointment Details panel will open for that scheduled pet on the calendar. From here scroll down and under modify appointment you are able to click Mark Complete!


    Note: You will receive a green Success message at the top of the screen to indicate that this service has been marked as complete.

From the Services by Date Report 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Services by Date. 

  2. Enter the Criteria and click Generate Report.


  3. Either click Mark All as Complete to mark all services complete at once, or to mark a single service as complete, click the Complete checkbox.



From the Reservation Details Page

  1. Navigate to the Reservation Details Page by clicking on the name of the reservation (on the Dashboard, or from the Reservations tab of the Owner or Animal's page).

  2. Click on the Services tab.

  3. Select Edit Service from the Actions menu.

  4. Click the Complete checkbox.




FAQ: Check this out!

Why is a service not showing up on the receipt/invoice, but it is marked as complete in reports?

If you find that a service is not appearing on an invoice/receipt, despite showing as completed in a report, it may be because the service was not marked as complete prior to the receipt being generated, but instead, after the pet was checked out. 

Receipts are point-in-time snapshots - they don't change after being made. For example, if a service was still marked as incomplete on 3/7/15 when the receipt was generated, it won't reflect a service marked complete on 3/10/15.  

How to fix this problem for a past invoice/ receipt:

Please feel free to submit a support ticket if you need us to go back and correct a receipt on which a service was omitted. We will be happy to help you. 

How to fix this problem for the future:

If you are not confident that your staff will always mark services as complete before the customer is checked out, or you choose to forego marking services as complete altogether, you may configure your settings to allow charges for incomplete services. That will mean that, at checkout, your customers will be charged for all services they reserved (so long as they are not canceled), regardless of whether the services are marked as complete.


To Allow Charges for Incomplete Services:

  1. Navigate to Locations: Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Check Out Options.

  2. Select the Location(s) from the menu that you want to edit this setting for.

  3. Scroll down and enable the toggle. 


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