How to Sell Packages & Check Out with a Package Credit

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Overview:  In this article, we will show you how to sell packages to your customers from the business side of the application. 

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Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • You can only sell packages to Owners who are registered with at least one Animal in your system.
  • Only users with the can assign package credits and can deduct/refund package credits user permissions enabled can add or deduct package credits from an owner's account. 

How to: Sell Packages.

Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Point of Sale » Sell Retail & Packages.
  1. Click the +Price button for the package the customer is buying. This will add the package to the shopping cart. 

  2. When all items have been added, navigate to the cart by clicking on the success message in lower left of your screen,


    or click on the cart from the top navigation menu.


  3. In the Shopping Cart, click the Check Out With Payment button. 
    • Note: In order to finalize the transaction an owner must be assigned in the shopping cart.


Using/Applying Package Credits

If the customer has a package on their account, you can use these credits to check out their reservation.

  1. Add the reservation to the cart by clicking the drop down menu next to their name from the dashboard and choosing Add to Cart.


  2. Navigate to the cart by clicking the Cart Icon in the Top Navigation Menu.


  3. In the cart, click the Coupon Icon to bring up the package menu. Click on the package that you'd like to apply to the reservation.


  4. The credit will apply to the reservation and will cancel out the rate charged for the reservation.


  5. Next, you'll press the Check Out button at the bottom of the page to complete your checkout. If you are only using packages to check out (you have a $0 balance in the cart after applying), use the No Payment payment method to check the transaction out. Otherwise, you'll take actual payment for any items left in the cart (services, retail items, etc).


  6. Once complete, the receipt will reflect that a package credit was used, as well as the owners package history.



If the customer wants to buy a package and use one of the new package credits to check out their pet:

  1. Sell the customer the package by following the instructions in the first section above.
  2. Use the Quick Check Out feature on the Dashboard. Click the shopping cart icon and click on the available package to use credits.

    The shopping cart icon beside the pet's name will have a little down-arrow on it, indicating that Quick Check Out is available for this reservation.

  3. Navigate to the cart and complete the checkout transaction (as shown in the above sections of this article).


FAQ: Check this out!

How do I know how many package credits a customer has?

From the business side of the Gingr app:  

  1. Navigate to the customer's Owner Page by using the Search box at the top of the app.

  2. On the Owner's page, scroll down to the bottom to find Packages. In the Remaining column, see how many credits remain on each package. You can also click View History from the Actions button to view a detailed history of transactions for the used package credits.


    A panel will pop up showing the complete history of transactions for this package.



The wrong price is showing up in the cart when I use a package credit.

Package credits are like vouchers. Regardless of what a customer pays for the credit, that doesn't change the price of the service at checkout.

So, for example, you may sell a 10 day pass for daycare for $250, which means that each credit costs $25. However, this does not change your base price for daycare, which is $30.  

Therefore, when you check a customer out for their daycare reservation, the charge will come up as $30 and the package credit (voucher) will negate that charge by applying negative $30, regardless of what the customer paid for the individual credit.

This behavior can be changed by configuring the package type to calculate pricing rules for the parent reservation.


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