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Multiple Pet Discounts

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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In this article, we are going to cover how to create multiple dog discount pricing rules in your app. In Gingr all pricing rules apply per pet. This means that the system is not able to distinguish first pet or second pet. Despite the pricing rules applying per pet we will show you how to achieve the same combined total. 

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Helpful Hints: 

  • Important! There is no separate "First Dog", "Second Dog" or "Additional Dog" rate. Multiple dog discounts MUST be split equally among family dogs. 
  • Discounts must be written as a negative number.
  • Multiple pet discounts are daily rate modifiers which means they run for each unit of reservation completed. 
  • We always recommend testing pricing rules by checking several reservation estimates to ensure invoices are being calculated correctly. 


Types of Multiple Pet Discounts: 

Type Description Helpful Hints
Number of Additional Animals This discount will apply to pets of the same family checked in for the same reservation type.   
Number of Additional Animals in Same Lodging This discount will apply to pets of the same family checked in for the same reservation type and assigned to the same lodging for the full duration of the stay.  This pricing rule type requires the use of the lodging calendar feature in Gingr. 
Number of Additional Animals Across Reservation Types This discount will apply to pets of the same family. The pets do not need to be checked in for the same reservation type and they are not required to share a kennel.  Facilities will use this rule type if they want to provide a multiple pet discount for a cat and dog from the same family checked in for different boarding types. 


Create a Multiple Dog Discount 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Pricing Rules.
  2. Select the Location and Reservation Type that you want this rule to apply to.
  3. Create a new pricing rule group to tell the system when you would like pricing to take effect. Or select an existing pricing rule group.
  4. Click Add Rule to create a new charge/discount.



Field Guide

Field Name

Description Helpful Hint
Label Enter the label for the pricing rule, this will be displayed on invoices to customers
  • 2 Dog Discount 
  • 2 Dog Discount (shared lodging)
Type select 1 of the 3 options for Number of Additional Animals  
Value Enter the total number of additional animals required to trigger the pricing rule 
  • 2 Dogs, value = 1
  • 3 Dogs, value = 2
  • 4 Dogs, value = 3
Method Select Dollar or Percentage   
Amount Enter the discount as a negative number. Click Here for a guide on how to calculate the amount.




Calculating the Amount

To calculate the total discount to provide, you will need to take the total discount and divide it among each amount of dogs checking in together. Use this formula for both dollar and percentage discounts. 


Example 1:

First Pet: $40 per night

Additional Pets: $35 per night 

Total Discount = $5 per night

Discount Total Discount Total Number of Pets Total Discount Amount entered in Gingr
2 Pet Discount $5 x 1 pet = $5 2 pets $5 / 2 dogs -2.50
3 Pet Discount $5 x 2 pet = $10 3 pets $10 / 3 dogs -3.33
4 Pet Discount $5 x 3 pet = $15 4 pets $15 / 4 dogs -3.75




Example 2: 

First Pet: $40 per night

2nd Pet: 10% off per night

3rd+ Pet: 15% off per night

Total Discount = $5/night

Discount Total Discount Total Number of Pets Total Discount Amount entered in Gingr
2 Pet Discount 10% 2 pets 10% / 2 dogs -5.00%
3 Pet Discount 10%+15% = 25% 3 pets 25%/ 3 dogs -8.33%
4 Pet Discount 10%+15%+15% = 40% 4 pets 40% / 4 dogs -10.00%





Multiple Pet Discounts on Estimates

This is how your pricing rules will appear on customer estimates.



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