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Credit Card Transactions without Gingr Credit Card Processing

Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton
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Credit Card Transactions without Gingr Credit Card Processing

When checking out without using Gingr's credit card processing, you will select the payment method credit card and run through your own physical credit card terminal (or virtual-internet based terminal) instead of using our swiper.  

This is the step by step process: 

  1. Add items to cart in Gingr.

  2. Click blue Check Out button in Gingr.

  3. Enter payment amount into your businesses’ credit card terminal, swipe card, capture PIN/Signature.

  4. Upon approval, select Credit Card in Gingr and click blue Submit button.

We suggest taking money before finishing the transaction through Gingr as you will need to make sure the transaction goes through first. 


ADMIN (Credit/Comped) Payment Method

This payment method is used when you are ringing out a customer and comping their transaction. In other words, you are taking responsibility for payment as a customer service and not counting the transaction toward revenue.  

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