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Going Live

Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton
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Overview: What are we talking about?

We are excited that you are getting ready to start using Gingr for live business! There are a few things to make sure you have completed, before processing live transactions. Below is a general checklist to determine if your facility is ready to go live! This list may have some different details depending on your business, but the following is a comprehensive list with links to relevant articles:
1. STOP: Have you tested your Gingr App? 

Once you have finished all the items on your Setup Dashboard it is important to test the functionality of your Gingr app. We want to ensure that everything is working and calculating properly prior to tracking real-time reservations and transactions. You can find our Onboarding Testing Checklist here.

If you have completed the Testing Checklist you can move forward!  

2. Have you trained your staff?
  1. Review training videos
  2. Get comfortable with completing all actions relevant to your business. 

This is, of course, necessary for helping your staff get used to using the system. This includes things like checking in/out, refunding reservations, taking payment, editing reservations...etc. This will also serve as a secondary backup to find any system errors or confusion with the functionality of your app. If you feel like your staff is comfortable using the system, then you're good to go here as well!

3. Credit Card Processing

If you have not started this process already please do so as soon as possible! While Merchant ID's are typically issued within 24 hours of completing your application, the terminal will take approximately 7-10 days to arrive. 

  1. Learn more about Credit Card Processing
  2. Submit Credit Card Application

Once you have received your Merchant ID and terminal from CardConnect you will need to complete a small amount of configuration in Gingr and power up your terminal. If you did not do so during the testing checklist portion we recommend you run a transaction for $.01 to ensure everything is ready to go! 

  1. Complete PCI Compliance Questionnaire
  2. Configure Gingr
4. Data Import

Data imports are only done once steps 1, 2 and 3 are completed. Before getting started, we ask that you please review and sign the data import agreement. The agreement outlines the expectations you should have before starting the process.

There will be a link at the bottom of each option for signing the agreement. Once signed, you receive an email with the attached template or instructions for uploading a data file depending on which option you choose.
Need more information before deciding which option to go with?
Head over to Left-hand Navigation: Admin >> Data Import Options to learn more.
5. Post-Import Data Entry

If you collected any client and reservation information over the past few days, you can start entering that now.

Accept and Confirm Reservations

If your import included reservations, you may need to accept or confirm them from the dashboard, depending on your settings.

  • Requested Section: These are all of the reservations that were imported that are appointment based and need to have a specialist assigned, or need to have a lodging assigned will show up here. They will need to be accepted and/or confirmed. Please note that additional services like treats and playtimes will need to be added to reservations post-import.

  • Unconfirmed Section: If the default manual confirm System-Wide Setting is set to no/off, all other reservations will appear here and will need to be confirmed.
6. Turn on Email Communications
Once your data import is finished, it's time to turn on your global email and SMS settings so that your customers can start being contacted through Gingr.
1. Review emails and text templates and enable Global SMS and Global Email

7. Going Live

You should be just about ready to start using Gingr for live business. There's no magic button or switch to flip, but if you have completed the above steps you should be good to go! Be sure to reach out to your Onboarding Specialist if you have questions about any of these final tasks.


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