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Overview: What are we talking about?

Your Employee Notes tab in the Animal and Owner profiles are where your staff can leave notes, updates or any info needed about either the animal or owner that are completely private to the business. 

This article includes: 

Helpful Hints:

  • If you hover over the edit pencil icon you can view when the note was created or edited.
  • To show the year in employee notes, head to Admin » Custom Configurations and enter ddd, MM/DD/YYYY, h:mm a into the Js date string format field 


Set it Up: Let's Get Started


Step 1: Create Note Types

  1. Left-hand Navigation: Admin » Note Types
  2. Click + Add button and create the Note Type


  3. Below is a Field Guide that will help you complete the form
  4. Click the Save button when you are finished
Field Guide: 



Helpful Hint


This is the type of note you would like to categorize the note as.


Is Email

When sending an email directly to the customer through the Leads Report, you can make it so the email is sent directly to the Employee Notes tab as the specific Note Type.

The Note Type will display when sending a customized email to the customer from the Leads Report (Reports & More > Leads Report)

Is Owner Type

 When creating a note it will only be assigned to the Owner Profile.


Is Animal Type

When creating a note it will only be assigned to the Animal Profile.


Show On Run Card

If enabled, the notes will appear on the Run Card




Step 2: Create Employee Note

  1. Navigate to Animal or Owner Profile
  2. Click the Employee Note tab » Create Note


  3. Select the Note Type


  4. Click the Save button when finished


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