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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will describe how to sell your Point of Sale Items to customers on the Customer Portal. This feature will allow pet-parents to purchase retail items on the customer portal for in-store pickup. By the end of this article you should understand how to enable this feature, how to instruct your customers where to purchase retail on the Customer Portal, as well as give your staff a workflow when retail is purchased.

This article includes:

Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • If you have a large number of retail items that you would like to sell on the customer portal, please reach out to our support team when enabling this feature! We are more than happy to assist you with adjusting the settings in bulk.

  • As with most features in Gingr, this feature is best utilized if staff are trained on the workflow to ensure that customers are properly notified when their items are ready and that you don't oversell items.

  • Important! In order to use this feature, you must use the integrated credit card processing. If you do not currently use Gingr’s integrated credit card processing, send an email to to get signed up! 

  • Important! If you are logged into the business side while logged into the customer portal, you will not be able to see your retail items for sale. Log out of the business side before logging into the portal or use an incognito window.

Set it Up: Let's get started.  


Step 1: Managing your Point of Sale Items

This section will guide you through indicating which items show on the Customer Portal for sale.

  1. Navigate to Left-Hand Navigation: Admin » Retail.

  2. Scroll down to the section labeled Retail Items.

  3. Edit the retail item that will be sold on the Customer Portal


  4. Ensure the following toggles are enabled:

    • Status (required to see items in the portal)

    • Show to customers (required to see items in the portal)

    • Allow online order when out of stock (optional)

  5. Save your changes. Repeat for additional retail items to be sold on the Customer Portal.

Important! If you have a number of items that you'd like to sell on the portal (for example, all of your items), please contact our Support Team for assistance! We can help you complete this step in bulk.


Step 2: Enable Notification Preferences 

You can configure user groups to receive a notification when customers submit online retail orders. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups and turn on the Notification: New Online Retail Order Recieved permission. For more information see our article on App Notifications.

  1. To enable notifications for a user group, navigate to Left-Hand Navigation: Reports & More » Groups.

  2. Locate the Notification: New Online Retail Order Received permission and enable it for any user group that you'd like to receive an in-app notification when retail is purchased.


  3. This permission can be local to only locations where the owner ordered the item or can be global, meaning a notification will display at all locations when a customer orders a retail item, regardless of the location.
  4. Save your changes. 

Step 3: Enable Email Preferences 

There are two email templates you can enable for your customers. These include the New Online Retail Order Received which sends an email as soon as they submit an order as well as the Online Retail Order Ready for Pickup email which sends when prompted by the business. To enable communication for pet parents, navigate to Left-Hand Navigation: Admin » System Email.

On this page, enabled the following email templates if you'd like:


Setting Description Helpful Hint
Send new online retail order email If enabled (set to Yes/On), when a customer places an order on the Customer Portal, the customer will receive the "Online Order Received" email. You can customize the verbiage of this email by navigating to Left-Hand Navigation: Admin » System Email.
Send online retail order ready for pickup email If enabled (set to Yes/On), when staff marks an order as ready for pickup, the customer will receive the "Online Order Ready for Pickup" email. You can customize the verbiage of this email by navigating to Left-Hand Navigation: Admin » System Email.
Global Email If enabled (set to Yes/On), your app will be able to send emails to customers.  This setting must be enabled in order for customers to receive email regarding their purchases from the customer portal. 


How to: Purchase Retail & Process Online Orders


Step 1: Making a Purchase as a Pet-Parent

  1. Navigate to the Customer Portal and log in as an existing customer.

  2. Navigate to Top Navigation: My Account » Purchase Packages and Retail.

  3. Click to the Retail tab to view the available Retail Items for sale.

  4. Click the + button next to the items' price to add it to your order, and repeat for the total number of items you'd like to purchase. 


  5. Check Out using a Credit Card.

  6. Once complete, the system will send the Online Order Received email to the customer if they are opted into communications. 

Step 2: Fulfilling the Order as an Employee User

  1. When an order is processed, staff will receive an in-app notification via the Top Navigation: Bell Icon.

  2. To process the order, navigate to Left-Hand Navigation: Point of Sale » Online Retail Orders.

  3. On this page, staff can perform a few actions.

    View Transaction: This will take the user to the receipt for the transaction.

    Print Order: This will allow the user to print an order slip to "tag" the items purchased and mark them as sold.

    Mark as Ready for Pickup: This will mark the item as ready to be picked up, and will send the Online Order Ready for Pickup email to the customer.

    Mark as Picked Up: This will mark the item as picked up and complete the order process.

    Cancel Order: This will cancel the order and take the user to process a return on the receipt.

  4. Once staff has collected the items that were purchased and confirmed the order, they should Mark as Ready for Pickup from the Action menu on this page. They can optionally enter notes at this time.

  5. When the pet parent arrives to pick up their order, staff will Mark as Picked Up to complete this process from the Action Menu on this page. They can optionally enter pickup notes at this time.

FAQ: Check this out!

I have a ton of retail items. Can you help me enable all of them for sale on the Customer Portal?

Absolutely! Send a message to our support team and we can help you do this in a breeze! 


I don't use the integrated credit card processing—can I use this feature?

This feature is only available to those that use the integrated credit card processing. 


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