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Overview: What are we talking about?

In this article, we will cover how to use the “View All Owners”, “View All Animals”, and “View All Reservations” pages. By the end of this article, you should have an understanding of how to access these pages and how you can use their features to help you search, sort, and filter information to find exactly what you need.

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How To: Access and use the "View All" pages.

You can access these new “view all” pages In the following ways:

  • View All Owners: go to Left Navigation: Owners and Pets » View All Owners
  • View All Pets: go to Left Navigation: Owners and Pets » View all Pets
  • View All Reservations: go to Left Navigation: Reservations » View All Reservations

From these pages, you can filter and sort the information in a wide variety of ways. Each column can be sorted, searched, filtered, pinned, and more.


Sorting Content

Owners are originally listed in the order in with they were created. You can sort content the list of owners in your database by clicking through the arrow icons next to the column header.


Clicking the arrow icon one time will sort the list alphanumerically A/1 » Z/99. Clicking it a second time will sort it Z/99 » A/1. Clicking it a third time will put the list in its original state which lists owners in the order that they were created.


Searching and Filtering Content

You can search and filter content using the options below the column’s title header.


By default, the list will display any search results that contain the phrase that you typed. You can also refine your search results or exclude your search results by clicking the filter icon next to the search bar and changing your search criteria.


You can also stack search criteria to refine your search results even more.


Pinning and Auto-sizing Columns

By clicking the action menu button next to a column header title, you can pin, auto-size, and hide columns.

You can pin columns by selecting “pin this column” and choosing the side of the grid that you want to pin the column. Pinning a column will pin that information to the selected area so that you can scroll while still being able to view that information.


You can auto-size columns by selecting “auto-size this column” or “auto-size all columns” to fit the content within the column.



Adding Custom Columns

Custom fields from your Owner, Animal, and Reservation forms can be added to the View All pages by tagging those fields on the form.

To tag a field to these view all pages, you will go to Left Navigation: Admin » Owner, Animal, or Reservation Form.

For any field, you can edit it and select “View All” from the “Tags” section.



Marketing to and Exporting Lists

For any of these lists, as you search and filter results, you can add your results to a marketing campaign or export your results to a .csv file.

You can export a list or add to a marketing campaign at any time and as you begin to filter and sort a list, Gingr will only add the filtered results to your campaigns or export.

You can export or add to a campaign using the “Add to Campaign” and “Export to CSV” options in the top right of the list.



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