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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will describe how to customize your reservation form to ensure that you are asking all of the information you need for newly created reservations.

Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • In Gingr, there are several types of forms to capture pieces of information. The reservation form is what staff and customers can use to fill out information when creating a new reservation.

  • Forms are highly customizable and allow you to add many types of fields and requirements to ensure you are capturing as much information as is important to your business.

  • Before we get started, take time to think about the different questions you want to capture about a reservation before it is submitted. Also think: what questions are required? Are they required for staff to fill out, customers to fill out on the customer portal, or both?

  • Fields from your Reservation Form can be used to populate your Gingr PreCheck form. For more information on Gingr PreCheck, click here

Set it Up: Let's get started.

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Admin »  Reservation Form.

  2. Add any new fields to the form for questions you want to ask by clicking the field in the toolbox. The field will show at the bottom of the form.

    • The toolbox contains many different types of fields which can be effective in collecting information for different types of questions. For example, you can have an answer be a single line, a paragraph, an email field, a number slider, and much more. Adding a field to the form only adds that type of field to the form. You must customize the field to ask for the information you need.

  3. Edit any fields you add by hovering your cursor over the field and clicking the edit icon. Customize the following fields:

    • Display Label: Enter the title of the field/the question you want to capture an answer for.

    • Display Description: Optionally enter a description of the field to clarify the information you are asking for.

    • Field Name: Do not edit this field.

    • Hide on Customer Registration Form: Do not select this box.

    • Who is required to complete this field?: Select who should be required to complete this file: employees, customers or both.

    • Who can see/edit this field?: Select who should be able to see this field.

    • Which reservation type(s) is this field used for: Select any reservation types that this field should be required for, for customers who are submitting reservation requests from the customer portal.

    • Tags: Select any places you want this field’s information to appear.

  4. Save your changes to the field.

  5. Review and Edit the settings for the remaining fields on the form to ensure that they are configured as needed.

  6. Drag and Drop fields to reorder them on the form.

  7. Save your changes to the form at the bottom of the page.

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