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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will describe how to run and review the tips report using the different report parameters available to you.


Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • In Gingr, the tips report will be your go-to report for finding out how much money each team member has earned in tips.

  • In Gingr, it is important to understand that there are 2 types of tips: credit card tips (tips added by the customer when checking out with a credit card) and open line item tips (tips added to the transaction total as an open line item. The tips report will show you these types of tips separately.


How to: Access and run the report.

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Tips Report.

  2. Run the report by configuring the following report parameters to your needs:

    • From: Choose a starting date and time to see tips given starting on this date.

    • To: Choose an ending date and time to see tips given ending on this date.

    • Locations: Select any locations you want to view a breakdown of tips for.

    • Export to Excel: Select this option if you want to export and download the report’s data to an excel file.

    • Print PDF: Select this option if you want to print an itemized list of all tips from the report. Keep in mind that your Split Tips selections will affect how the PDF is generated and how the data will be displayed. 

    • Split Tips Evenly Amongst Specialists?: Select this option if you evenly divide tip data evenly among any appointment-based specialists (groomers, trainers, etc) who are on the transaction.

      • Selecting this option will also generate an itemized list of each specialist and their earned tips total.

    • Split Tips Based On Percent of Transaction Subtotal: Select this option if you want to view tips split proportionally across each reservation or service item on the transaction based on the item’s cost.

      • This will divide the invoice subtotal by the total for specialist-assigned additional services to give you the percent of the subtotal that the services account for, then that percentage is multiplied by the tip total to show how much that specialist would receive.

        • See the Reviewing Report Data section below for an example of how this would be calculated.

    • Include General Staff in Tips Split: Select this option if you want to split the tip by any appointment-based specialists (groomers, trainers, etc) AND general staff.

      • This adds another “specialist” to divide the tip by another line called “general staff”. 
      • If the tips are split evenly among specialists, each specialist and general staff will receive an equal tipped amount. 
      • If the tips are split based on percent of transaction subtotal, then the general staff will be assigned the remainder of the tip amount that is leftover from what the specialist receives.

  3. Reviewing Report Data:

    • Once you have generated the Tips Report with your specified date range and any tip-splitting selections, you will be able to review the full list of all tips collected during this date range.
      • You can sort any of the columns A-Z simply by clicking on the column header to view the data in the order you like. The report will generate the following information:

    • The tip amount(s) collected on an invoice will be listed in the line item breakdown in the Items column, as well as in the Tip Amount column. 
      • If you selected any of the Split Tips options before generating the report, you can view this information in the Split Data column. 

    • Specialists and services assigned to specialists play a big role in the tips report. If there are multiple services on an invoice assigned to different specialists, the Specialists column will list out each user who was assigned to a service.
      • If the service was not assigned to a specialist, then no name will be listed in the row for that transaction.
        • If one of the Split Tip options are selected, and include General Staff is selected when generating the report, then the tip will become assigned to General Staff. 
      • If a credit card terminal tip is collected, then the tip will be given solely to the specialist assigned to the service, or be split based on the Split Tip selections.
      • If an Open Line Item tip that is not assigned to a specialist is selected, then the tip will be given solely to the specialist assigned to the service, or be split based on the Split Tip selections.
      • If an Open Line Item tip assigned to a specialist is selected, then the entirety of the tip amount will go towards the specialist assigned to the service, and may not be split.

    • The This Item column will indicate what kind of tip was received. 
      • Tips collected from an integrated credit card terminal will say "Tips".
      • Open Line Item tips will display the name of the Open Line Item and any description entered for the line item at checkout.
        • For more information on how to utilize Open Line Item Tips and how to assign tips to a specific specialist, please review our Open Line Items Article.
      • To change the type of Line Item used for the tip, simply click on the pencil icon to edit.

    • The Invoice Subtotal is the pre-tax, pre-tip amount on the invoice. This is the amount that the calculation for "Split Tips Based on Percent of Transaction Subtotal?" is based on. 
      •  Gingr calculates the split based on the following formula:
        • Combined $ total of services completed per specialist ÷ Invoice Subtotal = % of invoice subtotal assigned to specialist
        • Multiply that % amount * the tip amount to get the assigned tip amount.
      • Example: I have an invoice subtotal of $375. There are two $25 services assigned to Groomer A. There is a $45 tip on the invoice. What is the tip amount for Groomer A based on the transaction subtotal?
          • $50 (services) ÷ $375 (invoice subtotal) = 13.33% 
          • 13.33% * $45 tip = $6 goes to the specialist if the tip amount is split based on the percent of transaction subtotal. The remainder can be assigned to general staff if that is selected when generating the report.

  4. Refunded Tips:
    • Any refunded tips will be indicated in the green bar above the Line Item Tips Details section after generating the invoice. 

    • The report will show any refunded tips in the Tip Refund Amount column, as well as show the date the tip was refunded in the Tip Refund Date column. 

    • If there are any refunded tips during the selected date range, there will be a Line Item Tip Refund Details section at the bottom of the tips report, as well as in any exported versions of the report. 

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