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Overview: What are we talking about?

This article will describe how to run the commission report using the different report parameters available to you.


Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • IMPORTANT: Commission rates are set that the time of booking the appointment, not at the time of completing it. Please review this article for instructions on updating these services. 
  • In Gingr, the commission report is the report you will use to see how much an appointment-based service specialist (groomers trainers, etc) have earned off of their services. You will run the report for a date range to see any earned commission within that date range.

How to: Access and run the report.

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Reports & More » Reports » Commission.

  2. Run the report by configuring the following report parameters to your needs:

    • From: Choose a starting date to see commission data starting on this date.

    • To: Choose an ending date to see commission data ending on this date.

    • Locations: Select any locations you want to view a commission data for.

    • Completed Services Only?: Select this option if you want to filter out all services that were not marked as complete or checked out during the date range you are running the report for.

    • Export to Excel: Select this option if you want to export the report’s results to an excel file. If selecting this option, choose the New Version.

How to: Edit a Commission Rate

If a service is pulling a different commission rate than you need you can easily change the rate directly on this report. 

  1. Run the report for the desired date(s)

  2. Click the pencil edit button on the left side of the service you would like to change

  3. Select the proper user and commission rate. You will see a list of previous commission rates in addition to the current assigned rate for that user for the particular service, however it is possible to choose past rates




1. Why does my specialist show a $0.00 commission even though they have a commission rate set? 

When a specialist’s commission is updated, it deletes the old specialist ID and creates a new one (this allows you to have historical reporting for commission). Anything that was already booked would be on that old ID, with the old (or 0) commission.

This is how the system allows for you to have accurate historical reporting for when you do update a commission amount for a specialist. To adjust a service that should have a commission you can click the pencil icon on the commission report to re-assign the updated commission to that user.

This is going to happen for any services that were booked prior to their updated commission being entered. Any new service booked with the updated Specialist will automatically have the commission set in Reports & More>Manage Schedules>Manage Specialists.

If you update a commission rate and would like to adjust this rate in advance for any appointments that were booked prior to the commission rate being updated, you can reschedule the appointment in advance. To do this, navigate to edit the reservation, then click the trash can for the appointment/service in question. Then re-add the same appointment and hit save. This will then update that appointment commission to the new one.

If you would like to do these in advance, you can use the Services by Dates Report to find all future applicable services. For each service, you would delete it from the reservation and then re-add it. This will then reset the commission rate to the new one.


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