How To Integrate Gingr With Slack Via Zapier

Kathryn H.
Kathryn H.
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Using a combination of Gingr webhooks and Zapier, you can now push events that occur in Gingr to Slack in real-time.


Here are the steps. It looks like a lot, but it can be completed in under 3 minutes!

  1. Visit Zapier's site and create an account (or log in if you have one already).
  2. Click the "Make a Zap" button.
  3. Choose the "Webhooks By Zapier" trigger type
  4. Select "Catch Hook"
  5. Copy the URL provided to you by Zapier
  6. Visit your Gingr app
  7. Navigate to Left Navigation Admin » Custom Configurations
  8. Locate the "Webhook URL" field and paste the URL provided to you by Slack
  9. Enter a random string of characters into the "Webhook signature key" field
  10. Save your changes
  11. Back in Zapier, continue to the next step
  12. Now, back in Gingr, perform an action that would trigger a webhook from Gingr
  13. One example would be to submit a lead capture form.
  14. Back in Zapier, the screen should've updated with webhooks it received from Gingr. Select the relevant one.
  15. Click add a step. You'll likely want to add a Filter step to only look at a specific type of webhook Gingr sent you.
  16. Click Filter
  17. Use the Webhook Type field Gingr sent over and match it to the type of event you want to receive.
  18. Now, Click add a Step. You'll want to add an Action now.
  19. Click Action
  20. Search for and select Slack
  21. Select Send Channel Message
  22. Authenticate with Slack, if necessary.
  23. Select a Slack channel to post to.
  24. In the message field, enter the message you want to post to slack. you can use fields that Gingr passed to Zapier in the webhook to customize the message.
  25. Click continue
  26. Click test
  27. Check slack to see your message!
  28. Done. 


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