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Overview: What are we talking about?

Once subscribed to the status page, you will receive real-time updates on everything from internet outages and impactful bugs, to support down-time and planned maintenance. What we love most about this new status page, is that you can now receive Email, SMS, and even Slack notifications to keep you in the loop. You can also submit a support ticket right from the status page!


How to: Utilize the Gingr Status Page.

Viewing the Status Page

Anyone, anytime, can view the status page by going to 


Getting Updates

If you'd like to receive notifications from the status page, you can subscribe by clicking on Get Updates. You can select more than one option if you'd like.


  • Email: select this option if you want to receive all status updates by email. You will be prompted to enter your email address and choose to receive All status updates or Only those about certain components. Then click Subscribe to Updates. 


  • Slack: select this option if your business currently utilizes Slack, and you want to receive a notification from the status page when something is posted. This requires that you already have slack installed, and are already utilizing it for your business. 

    You will be prompted to Authorise with Slack, where you will select the Channel that you want to post notifications to.


  • SMS: select this option if you want notifications to be sent to your phone via text message. You will be prompted to enter your cell phone number, and then you will click Subscribe to updates. You will receive a confirmation text message once this is complete. 


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