How to Check the Status of a CCP Application

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Overview: Checking the Status of a CCP Application

This article will cover how to view the status of a CCP application in Co-pilot. 

This article includes: 

  • Searching in Co-pilot
  • Application Statuses 
  • How to resend application for signature

Helpful Hints: Before you begin.

  • You can also see this information in Hubspot under the company's CCP deal, however, co-pilot is always going to have the most up to date information. 
  • Once an application is submitted with a signature there is a 24 hr turnaround time on issuing a MID. Typically we see MIDs issued within hours of submitting signature. 
How to: Search Co-pilot for application status.
Since the customer has submitted an application you are unable to search for the company by the MID since they have not been issued one yet. Instead, navigate to the Customers tab and search for the customer's business name. 
Important! You cannot use the client's email address or name to search you must use the business name. 

Application Statuses

There are several phases of the application process. These are the stages in order in which the application goes through and what this means for the client. 

Status What does this mean?  Actions to take
 Application Submitted If the status is "application submitted" that means that Robin has placed the application in Co-pilot but is missing key information to send the application back to the customer for signature. 


Robin should have already emailed the customer letting them know what they are missing. Instruct the customer to check their email. 

Slack Robin requesting information on what the customer is missing and follow up with the customer via email.

 Pending Signature The application has been sent back to the client and we are waiting for their signature to move forward.   Resend Signature
Qualifying  CardConnect is performing a credit check.

Sometimes a MID will already be issued which can be provided to the customer. 

If the status is qualifying for multiple days in a row, slack Robin. 

Boarded The customer has been issued a MID and terminal orders have been submitted.  Provide the customer with their MID. 


How to: Resend Application for Signature

When viewing the customer from the Customers page click the DBA Name to pull up the account. At the top of the page, there are several options including Re-send Signature. This will send another email to the client requesting a signature on the application. 

Important! This email will be sent to the Contact Email on file and the business owner must be the individual who signs the application. 



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