How to Manually Add and Deduct Package Credits

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Overview: What are we talking about?

Sometimes you may want to manually add or deduct package credits for customers. The following instructions will demonstrate how to do that.   


This article includes:

How to Manually Add Credits
How to Manually Deduct Credits 


Manually Adding Package Credits

Below we will show you how to manually add credits to an owner's account. When package credits are manually added to an account the cost of the package is waived and the invoice it checked out with no payments.  

Follow the steps below to manually add credits to an owner's account. 

  1. Navigate to Left-hand Navigation: Point of Sale » Sell Retail & Packages.

  2. Click the Manual Owner Packages button.

  3. Fill out the Manual Packages short form:

    • Select the owner who will receive package credits.

    • Select the package type.

    • Enter the number of credits you want to give them from that package type.

    • Enter or edit the number of Duration (days) (the package credits will expire after that many days). If the credits do not expire, leave the field blank.

    • Enter a description.

    • Click the Create Package button.


    Manually Deducting Package Credits

    The steps below will walk you through how to deduct package credits from an owner's account without applying the credits to a reservation in the shopping cart. 

    1.  Start by navigating to the owner's profile and view the Current Packages section
    2. Click the action menu next to the package you wish to deduct credits from and select the Deduct Package Credits button.


    3. Edit the correct remaining number of credits as needed in the Should Be field.

    4. Click the Deduct Package Credits button to complete the deduction.

      Note: You can also deduct credits by going to Barcode Icon > Sell Retail & Packages and selecting "Deduct Package Credits":


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