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Managing Owner Accounts

Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton
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Overview: What are we talking about?


There are a few options as far as removing an owner's account depending on the scenario. Below we will go over each scenario and the steps needed to delete, deactivate, and merge owner accounts.
This article includes:
Helpful Hints: Before you begin
  • You can only delete an owner if they have no transactions on their account.
  • If the owner has duplicate accounts, merge the accounts.
  • All pets must match on both accounts (even deactivated ones). If one account is missing a pet you would need to create a "dummy" pet account to match 
  • Important! Merging owner accounts is done at your own risk as it cannot be undone.
  • When merging owners the following information will be merged:
    • Animal Reservations are combined
    • Owner invoices, packages, deposits, files, campaigns, and employee notes will be combined

      The Following Information will not be merged:
    • Owner Rates are not transferred. Whatever rates exist on the second record will remain after the merge.
    • Store credit is not combined. Whatever store credit exists on the second record will remain after the merge. Any store credit on the first record will be removed.
    • Agreements will need to be deleted/resigned when a merge takes place.
    • Owner Form Information is not combined. Whatever information is plugged into the account you merge into will remain and the account you merge from will lose its information. Please take a moment to manaully record any information you need to retain from the account you merge from. For example, emails, phone numbers, emergency contacts, credit cards on file, and other forms will only retain the information for the account you merge into.
How to: Delete a Customer
  • You can delete an owner that doesn't have any reservations or transactions associated with their account by going to Left-hand Navigation: Owners & Pets » View All Owners. 
  • From there you will search for the owner that you want to delete and click the red X on the far right-hand side of that row.
  • The red x will only show if the customer in question is eligible for deletion.

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How to: Merge Accounts

Step 1: Identify the duplicates

For the merge to complete, the animal names must match on both owner accounts. For example, let's say Jane Doe has two accounts: one account has a dog named Lucy and the other has a dog named Buddy. You will have to recreate Lucy on the account with Buddy and Buddy on the account with Lucy. The animal's names must match exactly on both accounts.

If the owner records you're merging have exactly the same name, consider modifying the name of the record you want to remove. You can rename the first Jane Doe record to "Jane Doe - REMOVE" to help keep track of which owner record you want to remove. This can help you be sure to select them in the correct order. It can also be helpful to pay attention to the ID number of each owner and search using that rather than the name. 

Step 2: Merge the duplicates

  1. Navigate to: Left-hand Navigation: Admin » System and Data » Merge Data
  2. Merge This Owner: The first owner you choose will be the one that "goes away"
  3. Into This Owner: The second one will remain as the merged record

If the owner records are merged successfully, you will get a success notification on the bottom left of the app.

Note: If an owner or pet name that has previously been merged is still showing in search, you may need to rebuild your search index. This can be done by navigating to: Left-hand Navigation: Admin » System and Data » Manage Data » Rebuild Search Index.

How to: Prevent an Owner from Making Reservations

If the owner has transactions, is not a duplicate, but you are wanting to prevent them from booking, there are a couple of steps you can take to ensure the owner can no longer book.

Step 1: Deactivate the Pet

  1. Navigate to: The Owner's Profile » Edit the Pet's Profile 
  2. Locate the Deactivated setting and set it to Yes/On

Step 2: Turn off Portal Access

Turning off portal access will prevent an owner from logging into their portal. This means they will not have access to past invoices or reservation data.

  1. Navigate to: The Owner's Profile » Edit the Owner's Profile
  2. Locate the Allow Online Login setting and set it to No/Off


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